BMCR 2022.11.01

Books received October 2022

BMCR 2022.11.02

Intertextuality in Flavian epic poetry: contemporary approaches

Neil Coffee, Christopher Forstall, Lavinia Galli Milić, Damien Nelis  / De Gruyter, 2020

Reviewed by Ruth Parkes

BMCR 2022.11.03

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum Deutschland, 109. Berlin, Antikensammlung ehemals Antiquarium,19

Angelika Schöne-Denkinger  / Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2021

Reviewed by John Oakley

BMCR 2022.11.04

Homer: the very idea

James I. Porter  / University of Chicago Press, 2021

Reviewed by Andrew Porter

BMCR 2022.11.05

La cité du logos: l’ecclésiologie de Clément d’Alexandrie et son enracinement christologique

Léon-Ferdinand Karuhije  / Brill, 2022

Reviewed by Harry O. Maier

BMCR 2022.11.06

Epidicus by Plautus: an annotated Latin text, with a prose translation

Catherine Tracy  / Open Book Publishers, 2021

Reviewed by W.D.C de Melo

BMCR 2022.11.07

The poetry of Ennodius: translated with an introduction and notes

Bret Mulligan  / Routledge, 2022

Reviewed by Dennis Trout

BMCR 2022.11.08

Complacency: classics and its displacement in higher education

John T. Hamilton  / The University of Chicago Press, 2022

Reviewed by Honora Chapman

BMCR 2022.11.09

Nemesius of Emesa on human nature: a cosmopolitan anthropology from Roman Syria

David Lloyd Dusenbury  / Oxford University Press, 2021

Reviewed by James O'Donnell

BMCR 2022.11.10

Die goldenen Siegelringe der Ägäischen Bronzezeit

Nadine Becker  / Heidelberg University Publishing, 2018

Reviewed by Jörg Weilhartner

BMCR 2022.11.11

Cultic graffiti in the late antique Mediterranean and beyond

Antonio E. Felle, Bryan Ward-Perkins  / Brepols, 2021

Reviewed by Peter Keegan

BMCR 2022.11.12

Urban transformation in ancient Molise: the integration of Larinum into the Roman state

Elizabeth C. Robinson  / Oxford University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Federico Russo

BMCR 2022.11.13

Les spectateurs des jeux du cirque à Rome (du Ier siècle a.C. au VIe siècle p.C.)

Sylvain Forichon  / Ausonius éditions, 2021

Reviewed by Filippo Canali de Rossi

BMCR 2022.11.14

Augusto il fondatore: la rinascita di Roma e il mito romuleo

Antonietta Castiello  / Harrassowitz Verlag, 2021

Reviewed by Laura Fontana

BMCR 2022.11.15

Edgar J. Goodspeed: America’s first papyrologist

Todd M. Hickey, James G. Keenan  / California Classical Studies, 2021

Reviewed by Mills McArthur

BMCR 2022.11.16

On nature

Anaxagoras of Clazomenae

Reviewed by Socrates of Athens 

BMCR 2022.11.17

BMCR’s 30th anniversary: the afterparty

BMCR 2022.11.18

BMCR: Thirty Years After

BMCR 2022.11.19

Dieu, le souverain et la cour

Audrey Becker  / Ausonius éditions, 2022

Reviewed by Robin Whelan

BMCR 2022.11.20

Comment écrire sur les empereurs?: Les procédés historiographiques de Tacite et Suétone

Pauline Duchêne  / Ausonius éditions, 2020

Reviewed by Sergio Audano