BMCR 2024.01.02

Dolganov on Riggsby on Dolganov on Riggsby, Mosaics of knowledge: representing information in the Roman world

Response by Anna Dolganov | Original Response by Andrew M. Riggsby

BMCR 2023.11.32

Riggsby on Dolganov on Riggsby, Mosaics of knowledge: representing information in the Roman world

Response by Andrew M. Riggsby | Original Review by Anna Dolganov

BMCR 2023.11.26

Woolf on Fott on Gilbert, Graver and McConnell, Power and persuasion in Cicero’s philosophy

Response by Raphael Woolf | Original Review by David Fott

BMCR 2023.04.21

Markovich on Moore on Markovich, Promoting a new kind of education: Greek and Roman philosophical protreptic

Response by Daniel Markovich | Original Review by Christopher Moore

BMCR 2022.12.28

Janko on Bondi on Thomas, Art, science, and the natural world in the ancient Mediterranean, 300 BC to AD 100

Response by Richard Janko | Original Review by Roberto Bondí

BMCR 2021.06.35

Thompson on Goldhill on Stray, Clarke and Katz, Liddell and Scott: the history, methodology, and languages of the world’s leading lexicon of Ancient Greek

Response by Anne Thompson | Original Review by Simon Goldhill

BMCR 2019.12.33

Moore and Raymond on Miller on Moore and Raymond, Plato. Charmides

Response by Christopher Moore, Christopher C. Raymond | Original Review by Thomas Miller

BMCR 2019.12.16

Response: Defouw on Beck on Defouw, The Subtlety of Homer

Response by Defouw Richard J. | Original Review by

BMCR 2019.10.23

Stray on Jenkyns on Stray, Classics in Britain: Scholarship, Education, and Publishing 1800-2000

Response by Christopher Stray | Original Review by Richard Jenkyns

BMCR 2019.07.08

Eckert on Johnston on Eckert, Die Aphrodite der Seefahrer und ihre Heiligtümer am Mittelmeer

Response by Martin Eckert | Original Review by Alan Johnston

BMCR 2019.05.19

Zurbach on Mackil and Nakassis on Zurbach, Les hommes, la terre et la dette en Grèce, c. 1400-c. 500 a.C

Response by Julien Zurbach | Original Review by Emily Mackil and Dimitri Nakassis

BMCR 2019.04.34

Avagliano on Giglio on Avagliano, Le origini di Pompei

Response by Alessandra Avagliano | Original Review by Marco Giglio

BMCR 2019.03.12

Rebillard on Bremmer on Rebillard, Greek and Latin Narratives about the Ancient Martyrs

Response by Éric Rebillard | Original Review by Jan N. Bremmer

BMCR 2019.03.09

Osmond and Ulery on Malloch on Osmond and Ulery, Bolton, Edmund: Averrunci or the Skowrers

Response by Patricia J. Osmond , Robert W. Ulery | Original Review by S. J. V. Malloch

BMCR 2018.12.39

Tucci on Santangeli Valenzani on Tucci, The Temple of Peace in Rome

Response by Pier Luigi Tucci | Original Review by Riccardo Santangeli Valenzani

BMCR 2018.07.13

Coffee on Rosenstein on Coffee, Gift and Gain: How Money Transformed Ancient Rome

Response by Neil Coffee | Original Review by Nathan Rosenstein

BMCR 2016.11.02

Trabattoni on Gerson on Trabattoni, ‘Essays on Plato’s Epistemology’

Response by Franco Trabattoni | Original Review by Lloyd P. Gerson

BMCR 2016.09.22

Ratti on Cameron on Ratti, ‘L’Histoire Auguste: Les païens et les chrétiens dans l’Antiquité tardive’

Response by Stéphane Ratti | Original Review by Alan Cameron

BMCR 2016.06.19

D.L. Dusenbury on Paolo Di Leo on David van Dusen, The Space of Time

Response by D.L. Dusenbury | Original Review by Paolo Di Leo

BMCR 2016.05.18

Zetzel on Zwierlein on Zetzel on Riesenweber, ‘C. Marius Victorinus, Commenta in Ciceronis Rhetorica’

Response by James E. G. Zetzel | Original Response by Otto Zwierlein