BMCR 2023.06.08

Participations civiques des juifs et des chrétiens dans l’Orient romain (Ier-IVe siècles)

Nicole Belayche, Anne-Valérie Pont  / Librairie Droz, 2022

Reviewed by Cédric Brélaz

BMCR 2023.06.07

Music and memory in the ancient Greek and Roman worlds

Lauren Curtis, Naomi Weiss  / Cambridge University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Caleb Simone

BMCR 2023.06.06

Herodotus and imperial Greek literature: criticism, imitation, reception

N. Bryant Kirkland  / Oxford University Press, 2022

Reviewed by Dominik Berrens

BMCR 2023.06.05

The “Koina” of southern Greece: historical and numismatic studies in ancient Greek federalism

Catherine Grandjean  / Éditions Ausonius, 2021

Reviewed by Roy van Wijk

BMCR 2023.06.04

Die Erzählungen des Valerius Maximus

Thomas Tschögele  / Universitätsverlag Winter, 2022

Reviewed by Heiko Westphal

BMCR 2023.06.03

Évhémère de Messène: Inscription sacrée

Sébastien Montanari, Bernard Pouderon  / Les Belles Lettres, 2022

Reviewed by Jerker Blomqvist

BMCR 2023.06.02

Plato’s Parmenides: selected papers of the Twelfth Symposium Platonicum

Luc Brisson, Arnaud Macé, Olivier Renaut  / Academia Verlag, 2022

Reviewed by Vilius Bartninkas

BMCR 2023.06.01

Books received May 2023

BMCR 2023.05.29

Before and after Babel: writing as resistance in ancient Near Eastern empires

Marc Van De Mieroop  / Oxford University Press, 2022

Reviewed by Sophus Helle

BMCR 2023.05.28

The politics of form in Greek literature

Phiroze Vasunia  / Bloomsbury, 2022

Reviewed by Francesco Padovani

BMCR 2023.05.27

Seafaring and mobility in the late antique Mediterranean

Antti Lampinen, Emilia Mataix Ferrándiz  / Bloomsbury, 2022

Reviewed by Katerina Velentza

BMCR 2023.05.26

Healing grief: a commentary on Seneca’s Consolatio ad Marciam

Fabio Tutrone  / De Gruyter, 2022

Reviewed by Jonathan Master James Zainaldin

BMCR 2023.05.25

Tales of Dionysus: the Dionysiaca of Nonnus of Panopolis

William Levitan, Stanley Lombardo  / University of Michigan Press, 2022

Reviewed by Laura Miguélez-Cavero

BMCR 2023.05.24

“Said To Be From…”: Ethics and Hidden Provenance in Long-Established Museum Antiquities Collections

BMCR 2023.05.23

Xenophon. Estate Management and Symposium

Anthony Verity, Emily Baragwanath  / Oxford University Press, 2022

Reviewed by David M. Johnson

BMCR 2023.05.22

Winnie-the-Pooh in ancient Greek

Alan Alexander Milne, Peter Stork  / Primavera Press, 2022

Reviewed by Konstantine Panegyres

BMCR 2023.05.21

Côtoyer les dieux: l’organisation des espaces dans les sanctuaires grecs et romains

Sandrine Huber, William van Andringa  /  École française d’Athènes, 2022

Reviewed by Olga Boubounelle

BMCR 2023.05.20

Ayia Irini: area B

Natalie Abell  / Lockwood Press, 2021

Reviewed by Walter Gauß

BMCR 2023.05.19

The Oxford handbook of Roman imagery and iconography

Lea K. Cline, Nathan T. Elkins  / Oxford University Press, 2022

Reviewed by Eric M. Moormann

BMCR 2023.05.18

Lucretius on disease: the poetics of morbidity in De Rerum Natura

Georgios Kazantzidis  / De Gruyter, 2021

Reviewed by Pamela Zinn