BMCR 2024.03.01

Books received February 2024

BMCR 2024.02.53

Making the middle Republic: new approaches to Rome and Italy, c.400-200 BCE

Seth Bernard, Lisa Marie Mignone, Dan-el Padilla Peralta  / Cambridge University Press, 2023

Reviewed by John D. Muccigrosso

BMCR 2024.02.52

Brill’s companion to bodyguards in the ancient Mediterranean

Mark Hebblewhite, Conor Whately  / Brill, 2022

Reviewed by Theo van den Hout

BMCR 2024.02.51

The staying power of Thetis: allusion, interaction, and reception from Homer to the 21st century

Maciej Paprocki, Gary Patrick Vos, David John Wright  / De Gruyter, 2023

Reviewed by Ryan Denson

BMCR 2024.02.50

La Babylonie hellénistique

Laetitia Graslin-Thomé, Philippe Clancier, Julien Monerie  / Les Belles Lettres, 2023

Reviewed by Gregory Crane

BMCR 2024.02.49

Space, movement, and visibility in Pompeian houses

Michael A. Anderson  / Routledge, 2023

Reviewed by Laura Nissin

BMCR 2024.02.48

Des guerriers au contact: de la place du fait militaire aux interactions guerrières dans les sociétés d’Europe occidentale du IIIe au Ier s. a.C.

Alexandre Bertaud  / Ausonius Éditions, 2022

Reviewed by Joseph Reisdoerfer

BMCR 2024.02.47

Virtue ethics for the real world: improving character without idealization

Howard J. Curzer  / Routledge, 2023

Reviewed by Cathal Woods

BMCR 2024.02.46

Roman funerary rituals in Mutina (Modena, Italy): a multidisciplinary approach

Federica Maria Riso  / Archaeopress, 2023

Reviewed by Carolynn Roncaglia

BMCR 2024.02.45

And with the Teian lyre imitate Anacreon: the reception of Anacreon and the Carmina Anacreontea in Horace’s lyric and iambic poetry

Veronika Lütkenhaus  / Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2023

Reviewed by Robert A. Rohland

BMCR 2024.02.44

Laevius – ein altlateinischer Liebesdichter: Studien, Text und Interpretationskommentar

Erik Pulz  / De Gruyter, 2023

Reviewed by Sander M. Goldberg

BMCR 2024.02.43

Les actes d’affranchissement. Volume 1: prêtrises I à IX (nos 1-722)

Dominique Mulliez  / École française d’Athènes, 2020

Reviewed by Elizabeth A. Meyer

BMCR 2024.02.42

Die Sukzession von Weltreichen: zu den antiken Wurzeln einer geschichtsmächtigen Idee

Marie Oellig  / Franz Steiner Verlag, 2022

Reviewed by David Engels

BMCR 2024.02.41

Crossing the water: the Venice Lagoon from antiquity throughout the centuries

Maddalena Bassani, Giuseppe D'Acunto, Fantina Madricardo  / L'Erma di Bretschneider, 2022

Reviewed by Christy Schirmer

BMCR 2024.02.40

The art of discovery: digging into the past in Renaissance Europe

Maren Elisabeth Schwab, Anthony Grafton  / Princeton University Press, 2022

Reviewed by Shami Ghosh

BMCR 2024.02.39

Etruria and Anatolia: material connections and artistic exchange

Elizabeth P. Baughan, Lisa C. Pieraccini  / Cambridge University Press, 2023

Reviewed by Elif Koparal

BMCR 2024.02.38

Werkzeuge der Historiker:innen – Antike

Patrick Reinard  / Kohlhammer, 2023

Reviewed by Roland Färber

BMCR 2024.02.37

The painted Tetrarchic reliefs of Nicomedia: uncovering the colourful life of Diocletian’s forgotten capital

Tuna Şare Ağtürk  / Brepols, 2021

Reviewed by Byron Waldron

BMCR 2024.02.36

Emperor, army, and society: studies in Roman imperial history for Anthony R. Birley

Werner Eck, Federico Santangelo, Konrad Vössing  / Habelt Verlag, 2022

Reviewed by Benoît Rossignol

BMCR 2024.02.35

Exchange and reuse in Roman Palmyra. Examining economy and circularity

Nathanael Andrade, Rubina Raja  / Brepols, 2023

Reviewed by Lila Knight