BMCR 2022.11.16

On nature

Anaxagoras of Clazomenae, On nature. Orchestra, Athens: Athens booksellers, c. 450 BCE. 1 drachma.

The title and advance buzz around this book suggested it would be an exciting attempt to clarify the reasons why things are the way they are, and the central place of intelligence in ordering them. I had high hopes for this book, then, but in the end the study proved to be a major disappointment, as I will discuss in detail below….[1]  κτλ.



[1] Plato, Phaedo 97c-e and 98b7-99b5; Apology 26d. The story of the recovery of this text from a legacy system of data storage will be told in an essay to be published as part of BMCR’s anniversary.