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Greek editor: Richard Hamilton,
Latin editor: Julia Haig Gaisser,

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Latin Commentaries

Apuleius Metamorphoses Book 3 by William Turpin. ISBN 0-929524-98-5

Boethius Consolatio Philosophiae by James J. O’Donnell. ISBN 0-929524-37-3

Cicero De Natura Deorum I by Richard McKirahan. ISBN 0-929524-89-6

Cicero Pro Archia by Grace Starry West. ISBN 0-929524-38-1

Cicero Pro Caelio by Walter Englert. ISBN 0-929524-65-9

Ciceronis Somnium Scipionis by John A. Stevens. ISBN 0-929524-97-7

Concilium Romarici Montis by Paul Pascal. ISBN 0-929524-77-2

Minor Authors of the Corpus Tibullianum by John Yardley. ISBN 0-929524-74-8

Einhard Vita Karoli Magni by John F. Collins. ISBN 0-929524-39-x

Erasmus Stultitiae Laus by John F. Collins. ISBN 0-929524-71-3

Historia Apollonii Regis Tyri by David Konstan and Michael Roberts. ISBN 0-929524-40-3

Hrotsvitha Dulcitius and Paphnutius by Paul Pascal. ISBN 0-929524-41-1

Itinerari Egeriae pars prior by Clifford Weber. ISBN 0-929524-83-7 (2 vol.)

Juvenal Satire 6 by Amy Richlin. ISBN 0-929524-42-x

Livy Book I by Julia Haig Gaisser and T. Davina McClain. ISBN 0-929524-93-4

Livy Book XXXIX by Gary Forsythe. ISBN 0-929524-82-9

Lucan Bellum Civile 9 by David P. Kubiak. ISBN 0-929524-43-8

Medieval Latin Lyric vol.1 by Penelope Rainey. ISBN 0-929524-76-4

Medieval Latin Lyric vol.2 by Penelope Rainey. ISBN 0-929524-78-0

Medieval Latin Lyric vol.3 by Penelope Rainey. ISBN 0-929524-79-9

Nepos Life of Atticus by Cynthia Damon. ISBN 0-929524-81-0

Nepos Life of Dion by Grace Starry West. ISBN 0-929524-44-6

Ovid Ars Amatoria, Book 1 by Elizabeth Block. ISBN 0-929524-45-4

Ovid Fasti, Book 2 by John F. Miller. ISBN 0-929524-46-2

Ovid Fasti, Book 5 by Betty Rose Nagle. ISBN 0-929524-86-1

Passio Sanctarum Perpetuae et Felicitatis by James W. Halporn. ISBN 0-929524-47-0

Persius Saturae by Carrie Cowherd. ISBN 0-929524-48-9

Petrarch Selected Letters by Craig Kallendorf. ISBN 0-929524-49-7

Plautus Captivi by Gail Smith. ISBN 0-929524-50-0 (2 vol.)

Plautus Mercator by Antonio C. Augoustakes. ISBN 1-931019-06-1 / 978-1-931019-06-4

Prudentius Psychomachia by Rosemary Burton. ISBN 0-929524-61-6

Res Gestae Divi Augusti by Cynthia Damon. ISBN 0-929524-84-5

Seneca Apocolocyntosis by Paul Roth. ISBN 0-929524-51-9

Statius Silvae (Selections) by Stephen Newmyer. ISBN 0-929524-52-7 (2 vol.)

Terence Andria by Richard Monti

Greek Commentaries

Acts of the Apostles by Richard Hamilton. ISBN 0-929524-00-4

Anonymous Life of Aesop Edited by William Hansen Aug. 2008. ISBN 978-1-931019-04-0

Apollonius Rhodius Argonautika, Book 3 by William H. Race. ISBN 0-931019-002-2

Aristophanes Acharnians by Charles Platter. ISBN 0-929524-99-3 (2003)

Aristophanes Birds by Peter H. Burian. ISBN 0-929524-64-0

Aristophanes Clouds by Laura Stone Barnard. ISBN 0-929524-02-0

Aristophanes Lysistrata by J. Hilton Turner. ISBN 0-929524-03-9

Aristophanes Plutus by S. Douglas Olson. ISBN 0-929524-63-2

Aristophanes Thesmophoriazusae by Joseph F. Gannon. ISBN 0-929524-04-7 (2 vol.)

Aristotle Nicomachean Ethics Book I by Thomas Banchich. ISBN 1-931019-01-0

Callimachus: Hymns 1, 2, 5, 6 by Robert Schmiel. ISBN 0-929524-05-5

Chariton Callirhoe, Book 1 by Cashman Kerr Prince Feb. 2009. ISBN 978-1-931019-05-7

The Pinax of Cebes by Thomas Banchich. ISBN 0-929524-90-X

Empedocles: Fragments by Henry W. Johnstone Jr.. ISBN 0-929524-06-3

Euripides Alcestis by Richard Hamilton and Michael W. Haslam. ISBN 0-929524-07-1

Euripides Bacchae by Elizabeth Causey. ISBN 0-929524-85-3

Euripides Cyclops by S. Douglas Olson. ISBN 0-929524-91-8

Euripides Electra by Martin Cropp. ISBN 0-929524-57-8

Euripides Hecuba by John W. Ambrose Jr.. ISBN 0-929524-08-x

Euripides Helen by John W. Ambrose and Allan D. Wooley. ISBN 0-929524-75-6 (2 vol.)

Euripides Heracles by Martin Cropp and Richard Hamilton. ISBN 0-929524-09-8 (2 vol.)

Euripides Heraclidae by Z. Philip Ambrose. ISBN 0-929524-68-3

Euripides Hippolytus by Richard Hamilton. ISBN 0-929524-10-1

Euripides Iphigenia at Aulis by Sally MacEwen and Theodore A. Tarkow. ISBN 0-929524-55-1 (2 vol.)

Euripides Medea by Michelle Kwintner. ISBN 0-929524-92-6

Euripides Orestes by Thomas M. Falkner. ISBN 0-929524-11-x (2 vol.)

Greek Prose Composition by Susan A Stephens. ISBN 0-929524-87-X

Heraclitus: Peri Physeos by Henry W. Johnstone Jr.. ISBN 0-929524-12-8

Herodotus Book 1 by George A. Sheets. ISBN 0-929524-13-6

Herodotus Book 3 by Stephen Newmyer. ISBN 0-929524-14-4

Hesiod Theogony by Richard Hamilton. ISBN 0-929524-15-2

Hesiod Works and Days by Richard Hamilton, Ellen G. Rainis, and Rebecca L. Ruttenberg. ISBN 0-929524-54-3

Homer Odyssey I, VI, IX by Beth A. Severy. ISBN 0-929524-66-7

Plautus Mercator edited by Antonios C. Augoustakis (1-931019-06-1)/(978-1-931019-06-4)

The Homeric Hymn to Aphrodite by Gilbert P. Rose. ISBN 0-929524-94-2

The Homeric Hymn to Apollo by Peter M. Smith and Lee T. Pearcy. ISBN 0-929524-16-0

The Homeric Hymn to Demeter by Julia Haig Gaisser. ISBN 0-929524-17-9

The Homeric Hymn to Hermes by Julia Haig Gaisser. ISBN 0-929524-18-7

The Shorter Homeric Hymns by Lee T. Pearcy. ISBN 0-929524-62-4

Isaeus Orations 2 and 6 by Deborah Kamen. ISBN 0-929524-96-9

Lysias Orations 1 and 3 by Ruth Scodel. ISBN 0-929524-19-5

Menander Dyskolos by David Konstan. ISBN 0-929524-20-9

Parmenides: Fragments by David Sider and Henry W. Johnstone Jr.. ISBN 0-929524-21-7

Paul First Letter to the Corinthians by Philip B. Harner. ISBN 0-929524-22-5

Paul Epistle to the Romans by Craig Kallendorf. ISBN 0-929524-70-5

New Selected Odes of Pindar by Eleanor Dickey and Richard Hamilton. ISBN 0-929524-72-1

Plato Apology by Gilbert P. Rose. ISBN 0-929524-56-x

Plato Crito by Gilbert P. Rose. ISBN 0-929524-24-1

Plato Euthyphro by John E. Hare. ISBN 0-929524-25-x

Plato Hippias Maior by David Sider. ISBN 0-929524-26-8

Plato Ion by Andrew M. Miller. ISBN 0-929524-27-6

Plato Laches by Penelope Rainey. ISBN 0-929524-28-4

Plato Lysis by William H. Race. ISBN 0-929524-29-2

Plato Meno by Richard McKirahan. ISBN 0-929524-30-6

Plato Republic Book 1 by Gilbert P. Rose. ISBN 0-929524-31-4

Plato Symposium by Gilbert P. Rose. ISBN 0-929524-32-2

Plutarch Themistocles by David J. Ladouceur. ISBN 0-929524-60-8

Sophocles Antigone by Nicolas P. Gross. ISBN 0-929524-33-0

Sophocles Philoctetes by Roberto Toretti. ISBN 0-929524-88-8

Sophocles Oedipus at Colonus by Gilbert P. Rose. ISBN 0-929524-34-9

Sophocles Oidipous Tyrannos by Jeffrey Rusten. ISBN 0-929524-67-5 (2 vol.)

Theophrastus Characters by Elizabeth A. Bobrick. ISBN 0-929524-69-1

Thucydides Book 6 by Cynthia W. Shelmerdine. ISBN 0-929524-35-7

Xenophon Apology by David Konstan. ISBN 0-929524-36-5

Xenophon Constitution of the Athenians by Mark Joyal. ISBN 0-929524-95-0 (2002)

Xenophon’s Symposium by Andrew M. Miller. ISBN 0-931019-02 (2005)