BMCR 2022.04.02

Cornucopia: studies in honor of Arthur Segal

Michael Eisenberg, Asher Ovadiah  / Editore G. Bretschneider, 2019

Reviewed by Leonardo Gregoratti

BMCR 2022.04.03

Eros mágico. Recetas eróticas mágicas del mundo antiguo

Emilio Suárez de la Torre  / Prensas de la Universidad de Zaragoza, 2021

Reviewed by Gabriel Silva

BMCR 2022.04.04

Poetry and poetics in the Presocratic philosophers : reading Xenophanes, Parmenides and Empedocles as literature

Tom Mackenzie  / Cambridge University Press, 2021

Reviewed by David Sider

BMCR 2022.04.05

The oral epic from performance to interpretation

Karl Reichl  / Routledge, 2021

Reviewed by Craig Davis

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Espace et structure dans les Métamorphoses d’Ovide

Sarah Bach  / Ausonius Éditions, 2020

Reviewed by Torben Behm

BMCR 2022.04.07

Late antique metalware. The production of copper alloy vessels between the 4th to 8th centuries

Anastasia Drandaki  / Brepols, 2021

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BMCR 2022.04.08

Simonides: epigrams and elegies

David Sider  / Oxford University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Bernardo Berruecos Frank

BMCR 2022.04.09

Prokop von Gaza. Der Exoduskommentar

Karin Metzler  / De Gruyter, 2020

Reviewed by Görge Hasselhoff

BMCR 2022.04.10

Elemente der antiken Erzähltheorie

Stefan Feddern  / De Gruyter, 2021

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BMCR 2022.04.11

Nikephoros Blemmydes, Epitome Physica: Untersuchungen zur handschriftlichen Überlieferung

Stefano Valente  / De Gruyter, 2021

Reviewed by Immaculada Pérez Martín

BMCR 2022.04.12

Adapting Greek tragedy: contemporary contexts for ancient texts

Vayos Liapes, Avra Sidiropoulou  / Cambridge University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Lucy Jackson

BMCR 2022.04.13

Carthage, Constantinople and Rome. Imperial and Papal interventions in the life of the Church in Byzantine Africa (533 – 698)

Stanisław Adamiak  / Gregorian & Biblical Press, 2016

Reviewed by Daniel Syrbe

BMCR 2022.04.14

Reading Cicero’s final years: receptions of the post-Caesarian works up to the sixteenth century – with two epilogues

Christoph Pieper, Bram van der Velden  / De Gruyter, 2020

Reviewed by Andrew R. Dyck

BMCR 2022.04.15

Xenophon and the Athenian democracy: the education of an elite citizenry

Matthew R. Christ  / Cambridge University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Luuk Huitink

BMCR 2022.04.16

Unveiling emotions III: arousal, display, and performance of emotions in the Greek world

Angelos Chaniotis  / Franz Steiner Verlag, 2021

Reviewed by Christina Aamodt

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The Roman republic of letters: scholarship, philosophy, and politics in the age of Cicero and Caesar

Katharina Volk  / Princeton University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Peter Osorio

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Rome and China: points of contact

Hyun Jin Kim, Samuel N.C. Lieu, Raoul McLaughlin  / Routledge, 2021

Reviewed by Chiara Tommasi

BMCR 2022.04.19

Modern Odysseys: Cavafy, Woolf, Césaire, and a poetics of indirection

Michelle Zerba  / The Ohio State University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Jeff Rydberg-Cox

BMCR 2022.04.20

Rome and Persia at war: Imperial competition and contact, 193-363 CE

Peter Edwell  / Routledge, 2020

Reviewed by Dario Nappo

BMCR 2022.04.21

Irrigation in Roman western Europe

Anna Willi  / Schriften der Deutschen Wasserhistorischen Gesellschaft, 2021

Reviewed by Javier Martínez Jiménez