BMCR 2023.04.01

Books received March 2023

BMCR 2023.04.02

Religious and philosophical conversion in the ancient Mediterranean traditions

Athanasios Despotis, Hermut Löhr  / Brill, 2022

Reviewed by Thomas Miller

BMCR 2023.04.04

Caracterización y cortesía en Eurípides

Sandra Rodríguez Piedrabuena  / Libros Pórtico, 2022

Reviewed by Tommaso Suaria

BMCR 2023.04.05

The origins of the law in Homer

Shulamit Almog  / De Gruyter, 2022

Reviewed by Antoine Chabod

BMCR 2023.04.06

Faulkner’s reception of Apuleius’ The Golden Ass in The Reivers

Vernon L. Provencal  / Bloomsbury Academic, 2020

Reviewed by Daniel Nisa Cáceres

BMCR 2023.04.07

Two cemeteries at Takhtidziri (Georgia): late Achaemenid-early Hellenistic and late Hellenistic-early Roman

Iulon Gagoshidze, Michael Vickers, Darejan Kacharava, David Gagoshidze  / Archaeopress, 2022

Reviewed by Susan Rotroff

BMCR 2023.04.08

Wisdom from Rome: reading Roman society and European education in the Distichs of Cato

Serena Connolly  / De Gruyter, 2022

Reviewed by James Uden

BMCR 2023.04.09

Civic identity and civic participation in Late Antiquity and the Early Middle Ages

Cédric Brélaz, Els Rose  / Brepols, 2021

Reviewed by Gregory I. Halfond

BMCR 2023.04.10

Aristote. Métaphysique: livre bêta

Jean-François Pradeau  / PUF, 2021

Reviewed by David Anzalone

BMCR 2023.04.11

Dynamic epigraphy: new approaches to inscriptions

Eleri H. Cousins  / Oxbow, 2022

Reviewed by Jonas Osnabrügge

BMCR 2023.04.12

Colonial geopolitics and local cultures in the hellenistic and Roman East (3rd century BC – 3rd century AD)

Hadrien Bru, Adrian G. Dumitru, Nicholas Sekunda  / Archaeopress Publishing, 2021

Reviewed by Jeremy LaBuff

BMCR 2023.04.13

Marcus Aurelius

John Sellars  / Routledge, 2020

Reviewed by John Lombardini

BMCR 2023.04.14

Plotinus IV 7 (2): On the immortality of the soul

Lorenzo Ferroni, Daniela Patrizia Taormina  / Academia Verlag, 2022

Reviewed by Anna Motta

BMCR 2023.04.15

Intertextualität und Parodie in Ovids Remedia Amoris

Maria Anna Oberlinner  / Narr Francke Attempto, 2022

Reviewed by John Godwin

BMCR 2023.04.16

Otherwise than the binary: new feminist readings in ancient philosophy and culture

Jessica Elbert Decker, Danielle A. Layne, Monica Vilhauer  / SUNY Press, 2022

Reviewed by Elke Nash

BMCR 2023.04.17

The Cambridge companion to Plato

David Ebrey, Richard Kraut  / Cambridge University Press, 2022

Reviewed by J. J. Mulhern

BMCR 2023.04.18

Guide to Biblical coins

David Hendin  / American Numismatic Society, 2022

Reviewed by Michaël Girardin

BMCR 2023.04.19

Learning to live naturally: Stoic ethics and its modern significance

Christopher Gill  / Oxford University Press, 2022

Reviewed by Christopher Trinacty

BMCR 2023.04.20


Geert Roskam  / Cambridge University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Luisa Lesage Gárriga

BMCR 2023.04.21

Markovich on Moore on Markovich, Promoting a new kind of education: Greek and Roman philosophical protreptic

Response by Daniel Markovich | Original Review by Christopher Moore