BMCR 2020.05.01

Books Received April 2020

BMCR 2020.05.02

God’s library: the archaeology of the earliest Christian manuscripts

Brent Nongbri  / Yale University Press,

Reviewed by Donatella Tronca

BMCR 2020.05.03

Antiphontis et Andocidis: orationes

Mervin R. Dilts, David J. Murphy  / Oxford University Press, 2018

Reviewed by Mike Edwards

BMCR 2020.05.10

Garanten der Herrschaft Die Prozessionen der Kas und Hemusut in den Tempeln der griechisch-römischen Zeit. Soubassementstudien VI

Bettina Ventker  / Harrassowitz Verlag, 2018

Reviewed by Françoise Labrique

BMCR 2020.05.12

Urban network evolutions: towards a high-definition archaeology

Rubina Raja, Søren M. Sindbæk  / Aarhus University Press, 2018

Reviewed by Matthew Selheimer

BMCR 2020.05.14

From Stonehenge to Mycenae: the challenges of archaeological interpretation

John C. Barrett, Michael J. Boyd  / Bloomsbury Academic, 2019

Reviewed by Patrick M. Thomas

BMCR 2020.05.20

Handbook of ancient Nubia

Dietrich Raue  / De Gruyter, 2019

Reviewed by Vincent Francigny

BMCR 2020.05.34

Ancient Chorasmia: a polity between the semi-nomadic and sedentary cultural areas of Central Asia

Michele Minardi  / Peeters, 2015

Reviewed by Prajakti Kalra

BMCR 2020.05.36

Le epistole di Demostene. Introduzione, traduzione e commento retorico-filologico

Irene Giaquinta  / Edizioni dell'Orso, 2019

Reviewed by Roberta Berardi

BMCR 2020.05.41

Aeschylus. Suppliants

Alan H. Sommerstein  / Cambridge University Press, 2019

Reviewed by Michael Halleran

BMCR 2020.05.42

Cultic life of trees in the Prehistoric Aegean, Levant, Egypt and Cyprus

Caroline Jane Tully  / Peeters, 2018

Reviewed by Andrew Fox

BMCR 2020.06.05

Spott im Drama

Stylianos Chronopoulos  / Verlag Antike, 2017

Reviewed by Elena Iakovou

BMCR 2020.09.08

The tragic life story of Medea as mother, monster, and muse

Jana Rivers Norton  / Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2020

Reviewed by James Clauss