BMCR 2020.12.01

Books Received November 2020

BMCR 2020.12.02

Vergangenes verhandeln: spätantike Statusdiskurse senatorischer Eliten in Gallien und Italien

Tabea L. Meurer  / De Gruyter, 2019

Reviewed by Veronika Egetenmeyr

BMCR 2020.12.03

Identity and cultural exchange in ancient Cilicia

Arabella Cortese  / Reichert Verlag, 2020

Reviewed by Julia Tomas

BMCR 2020.12.04

Relics, shrines, and pilgrimages: sanctity in Europe from late antiquity

Antón Pazos  / Routledge, 2020

Reviewed by A.E.T. McLaughlin

BMCR 2020.12.05

Before/after: transformation, change, and abandonment in the Roman and late antique Mediterranean

Paolo Cimadomo, Rocco Palermo, Rafaella Papalardo, Rafaella Pierobon Benoit  / Archaeopress, 2020

Reviewed by Julian Schreyer

BMCR 2020.12.06

Bildung im kaiserzeitlichen Alexandria

Stephanie Holder  / Franz Steiner Verlag, 2020

Reviewed by Jan Moje

BMCR 2020.12.07

Roman comedy

Gesine Manuwald  / Brill, 2020

Reviewed by T.H.M. Gellar-Goad

BMCR 2020.12.08

Re e popolo: Istituzioni arcaiche tra storia e comparazione

Roberto Fiori  / V&R Unipress, 2019

Reviewed by Christoph Lundgreen

BMCR 2020.12.09

Aspects of orality and Greek literature in the Roman Empire

Consuelo Ruiz-Montero  / Cambridge Scholars, 2020

Reviewed by Minne Skafte Jensen

BMCR 2020.12.10

Ethnicity and identity in Herodotus

Thomas J. Figueira, Carmen Soares  / Routledge, 2020

Reviewed by Jessica Romney

BMCR 2020.12.11

Der kyprische Apoll’: Heiligtum und Kult des Apollon Hylates in Kourion

Ambros Gabriele  / Verlag Holzhausen, 2019

Reviewed by Antoine Hermary

BMCR 2020.12.12

Lucretius and the language of nature

Barnaby Taylor  / Oxford University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Christopher Trinacty

BMCR 2020.12.13

Thesprotia expedition IV: region transformed by empire

Björn Forsén  / Suomen Ateenan-Instituutin säätiö, 2019

Reviewed by Nefeli Pirée Iliou

BMCR 2020.12.14

Other natures: environmental encounters with ancient Greek ethnography

Clara Bosak-Schroeder  / University of California Press, 2020

Reviewed by Martin Devecka

BMCR 2020.12.15

Dikili Tash, village préhistorique de Macédoine orientale I

René Treuil  / École française d’Athènes, 2019

Reviewed by Michael Fotiadis

BMCR 2020.12.16

The politics of Roman memory: from the fall of the Western empire to the age of Justinian

Marion Kruse  / University of Pennsylvania Press, 2019

Reviewed by Donato Sitaro

BMCR 2020.12.17

What did the sarcophagus of Symmachus look like? Late antique pagan sarcophagi

Niels Hannestad  / Aarhus University Press, 2019

Reviewed by Alessandro Teatini

BMCR 2020.12.18

Varronian moments

Valentina Arena, Fiachra Mac Góráin  / Wiley, 2017

Reviewed by Annie Burman

BMCR 2020.12.19

Harmful interaction between the living and the dead in Greek tragedy

Bridget Martin  / Liverpool University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Michael R. Halleran

BMCR 2020.12.20

Cicero: Brutus and Orator

Robert Kaster  / Oxford University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Bess R. H. Myers