BMCR 2008.12.01

Books Received (November, 2008)

BMCR 2008.12.02

Making Time for the Past: Local History and the Polis

Katherine Clarke  / Oxford University Press, 2008

Reviewed by Andrea Primo

BMCR 2008.12.03

La transition entre l’empire achéménide et les royaumes hellénistiques. Persika, 9

Pierre Briant, Francis Joannès, Collège de France. Chaire d'histoire et civilisation du monde achéménide et de l'empire d'Alexandre, Réseau international d'études et de recherches achéménides  / De Boccard, 2006

Reviewed by Paola Ceccarelli

BMCR 2008.12.04

Philosophy and Comedy: Aristophanes, Logos, and Eros

Bernard Freydberg  / Indiana University Press, 2008

Reviewed by James Brusuelas

BMCR 2008.12.05

Plato Ethicus: Philosophy is Life: Proceedings of the International Colloquium, Piacenza (Italy) 2003. Lecturae Platonis; v. 4

Maurizio Migliori, Linda M. Napolitano Valditara, Davide Del Forno  / Academia Verlag, 2004

Reviewed by Gerald A. Press

BMCR 2008.12.06

The Politics of Greek Tragedy. Greece and Rome Live

D. M. (David M.) Carter  / Bristol Phoenix Press, 2007

Reviewed by Synnøve Des Bouvrie

BMCR 2008.12.07

Sulla, the Elites and the Empire: A Study of Roman Policies in Italy and the Greek East. Impact of Empire 8

Federico Santangelo  / Brill, 2007

Reviewed by Gareth C. Sampson

BMCR 2008.12.08

La fin du statut servile? (affranchissement, libération, abolition)

Antonio Gonzales, Groupe international de recherches sur l'esclavage dans l'Antiquité., Impr. Jouve)  / Presses universitaires de Franche-Comté, 2008

Reviewed by Deborah Kamen

BMCR 2008.12.09

Voci: Antropologia sonora del mondo antico. Saggi, 892

Maurizio Bettini  / G. Einaudi, 2008

Reviewed by Matthew Fox

BMCR 2008.12.10

Sauge on Van Nuffelen on Darbo-Peschanski

Response by Sauge André | Original Review by

BMCR 2008.12.11

An Asinine Supplement: O’Donnell on O’Donnell on J. Relihan, Apuleius. The Golden Ass

Response by James J. O'Donnell | Original Review by James J. O'Donnell

BMCR 2008.12.12

Greek Tragedy. Blackwell Introductions to the Classical World

Nancy Sorkin Rabinowitz  / John Wiley & Sons, 2008

Reviewed by Jeremy B. Lefkowitz

BMCR 2008.12.13

Sappho in the Making: The Early Reception. Hellenic Studies 28

Dimitrios Yatromanolakis  / Center for Hellenic Studies, Trustees for Harvard University, 2007

Reviewed by Gauthier Liberman

BMCR 2008.12.14

Aspetti della scuola nel mondo romano: atti del convegno (Pisa, 5-6 dicembre 2006). Supplementi di Lexis 51

Franco Bellandi, Rolando Ferri  / Hakkert, 2008

Reviewed by John Henderson

BMCR 2008.12.15

Plauto in Apuleio

Lucia Pasetti  / Pàtron, 2007

Reviewed by Regine May

BMCR 2008.12.16

Classical Political Thought at Work: Thucydides, Roman Convergence, Modern Challenges

László Várady  / Akadémiai Kiadó, 2007

Reviewed by Wolfgang Polleichtner

BMCR 2008.12.17

Rom und seine Kaiser im Historienfilm

Martin Lindner  / Verlag Antike, 2007

Reviewed by Kresimir Matijevic

BMCR 2008.12.18

Paideia at Play: Learning and Wit in Apuleius. Ancient Narrative. Supplementum, 11

Werner Riess, Apuleius and the Second Sophistic: an Orator at Play (2007 : University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)  / Barkhuis Publishing; Groningen University Library, 2008

Reviewed by Lara Nicolini

BMCR 2008.12.19

Archaeologia Maritima Mediterranea. An International Journal on Underwater Archaeology. Volume 5

Roberto Petriaggi  / Fabrizio Serra Editore, 2008

Reviewed by John Peter Oleson

BMCR 2008.12.20

Dialectic in Action: An Examination of Plato’s Crito

Michael C. Stokes  / Classical Press of Wales, 2005

Reviewed by