BMCR 1997.01.01

Books Received December 1996

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BMCR 1997.01.04

1997.01.04, Classical Women Poets

Josephine Balmer  / Bloodaxe, 1996

Reviewed by Armand D'Angour

BMCR 1997.01.05

1997.01.05, The Sciences in Greco-Roman Society. Aperion: A Journal for Ancient Philosophy and Science 27.4 (December 1994)

Timothy D. Barnes  / Publishing, 1994

Reviewed by John McMahon

BMCR 1997.01.06

Euripides, Selected Fragmentary Plays, Vol. I.

Christopher Collard, Martin J. Cropp, Kevin H. Lee  / Phillips, 1995

Reviewed by Sander Goldberg

BMCR 1997.01.07

1997.01.07, Platonis Opera, tomus I

Plato., E. A. Duke  / E. Typographeo Clarendoniano, 1995-

Reviewed by Michael Haslam

BMCR 1997.01.08


Plato., E. A. Duke  / E. Typographeo Clarendoniano, 1995-

Reviewed by David Murphy

BMCR 1997.01.09

1997.01.09, The Odyssey, with an Introduction and notes by Bernard Knox.

Homer., Robert Fagles, Bernard Knox, Bibliotheca Homerica Langiana.  / Viking, 1996

Reviewed by David Slavitt

BMCR 1997.02.01

The Odyssey Re-Formed

BMCR 1997.02.02

1997.2.2, Dobrov, Beyond Aristophanes

Gregory W. Dobrov  / Scholars Press, 1995

Reviewed by Timothy Hofmeister

BMCR 1997.02.03

Roman Historical Myths

Matthew Fox  / Clarendon Press, 1996

Reviewed by James Zetzel

BMCR 1997.02.04

1997.2.4, Goldhill, Foucault’s Virginity

Simon Goldhill  / Cambridge University Press, 1995

Reviewed by Joseph Farrell

BMCR 1997.02.05

1997.2.5, Gill and McCabe, edd., Form and Argument in Late Plato

Christopher Gill, Mary Margaret McCabe  / Clarendon Press, 1996

Reviewed by Lloyd Gerson

BMCR 1997.02.06

1997.2.6, Kallet-Marx, Hegemony to Empire

Robert Morstein-Marx  / University of California Press, 1995

Reviewed by Gary Reger

BMCR 1997.02.07

1997.2.7, Epistemic Music of Rhetoric

Steven B. Katz  / Southern Illinois University Press, 1996

Reviewed by Wilfred Major

BMCR 1997.02.08

1997.02.08, Kriegerisches Rom? Zur Frage von Unvermeidbarkeit und Normalität Militärischer Konflikte in der Römischen Politik

Michaela Kostial  / F. Steiner, 1995

Reviewed by Craige Champion

BMCR 1997.02.09

1997.2.9, Linderski, Roman Questions

Jerzy Linderski  / F. Steiner, 1995

Reviewed by T.C. Brennan

BMCR 1997.02.10

1997.2.10, Muellner, Anger of Achilles

Leonard Charles Muellner  / Cornell University Press, 1996

Reviewed by Michael Lynn-George

BMCR 1997.02.11

1997.2.11, Miller, Lyric Texts and Lyric Consciousness

Reviewed by Nita Krevans

BMCR 1997.02.12

Philodemus and Poetry

Dirk Obbink  / Oxford University Press, 1995

Reviewed by Lee Pearcy