BMCR 1996.01.01

Books Received December 1995

BMCR 1996.01.02

From the Editor’s Disk: BMCR/BMMR/BMR: retrospect and prospect, January 1996

BMCR 1996.01.04

1996.1.4, Archive of Celtic-Latin Literature

Anthony Harvey, Kieran Devine, F. J. Smith, Royal Irish Academy.  / Brepols, 1994

Reviewed by James O'Donnell

BMCR 1996.01.05

1996.1.5, Clayman, ed., Database of Classical Bibliography

D.L. Clayman  / Scholars Press, 1995

Reviewed by T.C. Brennan

BMCR 1996.01.06

1996.1.6, Brock/Woodman, edd., Leeds Latin Papers 8

R Brock, A. J. (Anthony John) Woodman  / F. Cairns, 1995

Reviewed by Sander Goldberg

BMCR 1996.01.07

1996.1.7, Kelly, Golden Mouth

J. N. D. (John Norman Davidson) Kelly  / Cornell University Press, 1995

Reviewed by Richard Lim

BMCR 1996.01.09

1996.1.9, Lord, The Singer Resumes the Tale

Albert Bates Lord, Mary Louise Lord  / Cornell University Press, 1995

Reviewed by Barry Powell

BMCR 1996.01.10

1996.1.10, Meagher, Bakkhai/Euripides

Euripides., Robert E. Meagher  / Bolchazy-Carducci Publishers, 1995

Reviewed by C.W. Marshall

BMCR 1996.01.11

1996.1.11, Roisman, Alexander the Great

Joseph Roisman  / D.C. Heath, 1995

Reviewed by David Silverman

BMCR 1996.01.12

1996.1.12, Staten, Eros in Mourning

Henry Staten  / Johns Hopkins University Press, 1995

Reviewed by Steven Levine

BMCR 1996.02.01

Rhetoric of Identity in Isocrates

Yun Lee Too  / Cambridge University Press, 1995

Reviewed by Neil O'Sullivan

BMCR 1996.02.02

1996.2.2, Walsh, trans., Apuleius Golden Ass

Apuleius., P. G. (Patrick Gerard) Walsh  / Clarendon Press, 1994

Reviewed by Sarah Ruden

BMCR 1996.02.03

1996.2.3, Willcock, Pindar Victory Odes

Pindar., Malcolm M. Willcock  / Cambridge University Press, 1995

Reviewed by William Slater

BMCR 1996.02.08

1996.2.8, Cornell/Lomas., edd., Urban Society/Roman Italy

Tim Cornell, Kathryn Lomas  / UCL Press, 1995

Reviewed by Mary Walbank

BMCR 1996.02.09

1996.2.9, Goold, ed., Chariton: Callirhoe

Chariton, G. P. Goold, Chariton., Chariton.  / Harvard University Press, 1995

Reviewed by Richard Hunter

BMCR 1996.02.10

1996.2.10, Griffin, ed./comm., Homer: Iliad IX

Homer., Jasper Griffin  / Clarendon Press, 1995

Reviewed by Michael Halleran

BMCR 1996.02.11

1996.2.11, Hanson, The Other Greeks

Victor Davis Hanson  / Free Press, 1995

Reviewed by Vanessa Gorman

BMCR 1996.02.12

1996.2.12, Hayward, Jerome’s Hebrew Questions on Genesis

Saint Jerome, Robert Hayward  / Clarendon Press, 1995

Reviewed by Edward Mathews

BMCR 1996.02.13

1996.2.13, Held, Aristotle’s Teleological Theory

George F. Held  / Winter, 1995

Reviewed by Elizabeth Belfiore

BMCR 1996.02.14

1996.2.14, Herbert-Brown, Ovid and the Fasti

Geraldine Herbert-Brown  / Clarendon Press, 1994

Reviewed by John Miller