BMCR 2023.02.11

Saviour gods and soteria in ancient Greece

Theodora Suk Fong Jim  / Oxford University Press, 2022

Reviewed by Tony Keddie

BMCR 2023.02.10

Zoilus Amphipolitanus

Marta Fogagnolo  / Brill, 2022

Reviewed by Matthieu Réal

BMCR 2023.02.09

Carpocrates, Marcellina, and Epiphanes: three early Christian teachers of Alexandria and Rome

M. David Litwa  / Routledge, 2022

Reviewed by Daniel Vaucher

BMCR 2023.02.08

Les scribes de Pylos

Louis Godart  / Fabrizio Serra Editore, 2021

Reviewed by Vassilis Petrakis

BMCR 2023.02.07

Euripides’ Ino: commentary, reconstruction, text, and translation

Smaro Nikolaidou-Arampatzi  / Center for Hellenic Studies, 2022

Reviewed by Martin Cropp

BMCR 2023.02.06

Theophrastus: Characters

James Diggle  / Cambridge University Press, 2022

Reviewed by James J. Clauss

BMCR 2023.02.05

To Publish or Not to Publish? This is No Longer the Question

BMCR 2023.02.04

Plautus: Mostellaria

George Fredric Franko  / Bloomsbury Academic, 2022

Reviewed by Moritz Hinsch

BMCR 2023.02.03

Aristophanes. Frogs

Peter Meineck  / Hackett Publishing, 2021

Reviewed by Laurialan Reitzammer

BMCR 2023.02.02

Cultural identity within the northern Black Sea region in antiquity: (de)constructing past identities

Joanna Porucznik  / Peeters, 2021

Reviewed by Richard Kendall

BMCR 2023.02.01

Books received January 2023

BMCR 2023.01.42

Labouring with large stones: a study into the investment and impact of construction projects on Mycenaean communities in Late Bronze Age Greece

Yannick Boswinkel  / Sidestone Press, 2021

Reviewed by Nicholas Blackwell

BMCR 2023.01.41

Who saved the Parthenon? A new history of the Acropolis before, during and after the Greek Revolution

William St. Clair, David St. Clair, Lucy Barnes  / Open Book Publishers, 2022

Reviewed by Suzanne Marchand

BMCR 2023.01.40

Die Papyri Herkulaneums im Digitalen Zeitalter: Neue Texte durch neue Techniken – eine Kurzeinführung

Kilian Fleischer  / De Gruyter, 2021

Reviewed by Nicola Reggiani

BMCR 2023.01.39

Homer. Iliad book I

Seth L. Schein  / Cambridge University Press, 2022

Reviewed by Michael Halleran

BMCR 2023.01.38

Americana latine: Latin moments in the history of the United States

Andrew C. Dinan  / Paideia Institute for Humanistic Study, 2020

Reviewed by Theodore Delwiche

BMCR 2023.01.37

Aristotle. Art of rhetoric

Robin Waterfield  / Oxford University Press, 2018

Reviewed by Will Coles

BMCR 2023.01.36

Screening love and war in Troy: fall of a city

Antony Augoustakis, Monica S. Cyrino  / Bloomsbury Academic, 2022

Reviewed by Elżbieta Olechowska

BMCR 2023.01.35

Plotinus on beauty: beauty as illuminated unity in multiplicity

Ota Gál  / Brill, 2022

Reviewed by Lloyd P. Gerson

BMCR 2023.01.34

Conceptions of time in Greek and Roman antiquity

Richard Faure, Simon-Pierre Valli, Arnaud Zucker  / De Gruyter, 2022

Reviewed by Francis Dunn