BMCR 2022.06.01

Books received May 2022

BMCR 2022.06.02

Medicine and markets in the Graeco-Roman world and beyond: essays on ancient medicine in honour of Vivian Nutton

Laurence M.V. Totelin, Rebecca Flemming  / The Classical Press of Wales, 2020

Reviewed by Nicola Reggiani

BMCR 2022.06.03

La genesi dei poemi omerici

Carlo Lucarini  / De Gruyter, 2019

Reviewed by Gregory Crane

BMCR 2022.06.04

The multilingual Physiologus: studies in the oldest Greek recension and its translations

Caroline Macé, Jost Gippert  / Brepols, 2021

Reviewed by Søren Lund Sørensen

BMCR 2022.06.06

The modern Hercules: images of the hero from the nineteenth to the early twenty-first century

Alastair Blanshard, Emma Stafford  / Brill, 2020

Reviewed by Owen Rees

BMCR 2022.06.07

Choral constructions in Greek culture: the idea of the chorus in the poetry, art and social practices of the Archaic and early Classical period

Deborah Tarn Steiner  / Cambridge University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Daniel Anderson

BMCR 2022.06.08

Digitale Altertumswissenschaften: Thesen und Debatten zu Methoden und Anwendungen

Stylianos Chronopoulos, Felix K. Maier, Anna Novokhatko  / Propylaeum, 2020

Reviewed by Thomas Leibundgut

BMCR 2022.06.09

Platonic mimesis revisited

Julia Pfefferkorn, Antonino Spinelli  / Academia Verlag, 2021

Reviewed by Lloyd Gerson

BMCR 2022.06.10

Les chapiteaux corinthiens du Liban. Formes et évolution du Ier au IVe siècle p.C.

Hany Kahwagi-Janho  / Ausonius Éditions, 2020

Reviewed by Matthias Grawehr

BMCR 2022.06.11

Phoenicians and the making of the Mediterranean

Carolina López-Ruiz  / Harvard University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Hélène Sader

BMCR 2022.06.12

Dictator: The Evolution of the Roman Dictatorship

Mark B. Wilson  / University of Michigan Press, 2021

Reviewed by Michele Bellomo

BMCR 2022.06.13

Creating the ancient rhetorical tradition

Laura Viidebaum  / Cambridge University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Michele Kennerly

BMCR 2022.06.14

The art of complicity in Martial and Statius: Martial’s ‘Epigrams’, Statius’ ‘Silvae’, and Domitianic Rome

Erik Gunderson  / Oxford University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Alexander Kirichenko

BMCR 2022.06.15

The Temple of Artemis at Sardis

Fikret Yegül  / Harvard University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Winfried Held

BMCR 2022.06.16

Periegetai nel Mondo Antico: Usi e Interpretazioni del Termine in una Prospettiva Cronologica

Eva Falaschi  / LED Edizioni, 2021

Reviewed by Alessandro Rossini

BMCR 2022.06.17

Plato and Aristophanes: comedy, politics, and the pursuit of a just life

Marina Marren  / Northwestern University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Andrea Capra

BMCR 2022.06.18

Glass, lamps, and Jerash bowls. Final publications from the Danish-German Jerash Northwest Quarter Project III.

Achim Lichtenberger, Rubina Raja  / Brepols, 2021

Reviewed by Renate Rosenthal-Heginbottom

BMCR 2022.06.19

The arts of imitation in Latin prose: Pliny’s “Epistles”/Quintilian in brief

Christopher Whitton  / Cambridge University Press, 2019

Reviewed by Lorenzo Vespoli

BMCR 2022.06.20

Art and archaeology of the Roman world

Mark Fullerton  / Thames & Hudson, 2020

Reviewed by Rubén Montoya González

BMCR 2022.06.21

Antioch in Syria: a history from coins (300 BCE-450 CE)

Kristina M. Neumann  / Cambridge University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Alan Stahl