BMCR 2008.08.01

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approximately 410-485 Proclus, Harold Tarrant  / Cambridge University Press, 2007-2017

Reviewed by Marije Martijn

BMCR 2008.08.02

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Reviewed by Eleni Manolaraki

BMCR 2008.08.03

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BMCR 2008.08.04

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Reviewed by Malcolm Schofield

BMCR 2008.08.05

Classics in Post-Colonial Worlds. Classical Presences

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BMCR 2008.08.06

Der Traktat “Vom Mysterium der Buchstaben”. Kritischer Text mit Einführung, Übersetzung und Ammerkungen. Texte und Untersuchungen zur Geschichte der altchristlichen Literatur, 162

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BMCR 2008.08.07

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Lucius Annaeus Seneca, Giuseppe Scarpat  / Paideia, 2007

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BMCR 2008.08.08

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Reviewed by Maya Alapin

BMCR 2008.08.09

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BMCR 2008.08.10

The Cambridge Companion to Greek Mythology

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Reviewed by Angela Kühr

BMCR 2008.08.11

Lucian of Samosata Vivus et Redivivus. Warburg Institute Colloquia, 10

C. R. Ligota, Letizia Panizza  / The Warburg Institute, 2007

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BMCR 2008.08.12

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Reviewed by James Jope

BMCR 2008.08.13

Rethinking Tragedy

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BMCR 2008.08.14

Words and Ideas. The Roots of Plato’s Philosophy

Fritz-Gregor Herrmann  / Classical Press of Wales, 2007

Reviewed by Phillip Sidney Horky

BMCR 2008.08.15

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BMCR 2008.08.16

Philosophy in the Modern World. A New History of Western Philosophy Volume 4

Anthony Kenny  / Clarendon Press, 2007

Reviewed by Sophia M. Connell

BMCR 2008.08.17

Texts and Culture in Late Antiquity: Inheritance, Authority, and Change

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Reviewed by Bret Mulligan and William Wren Lebowitz

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Aristotle on Stasis: A Moral Psychology of Political Conflict

Ronald L. Weed  / Logos, 2007

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Aristotle on Memory and Recollection: Text, Translation, Interpretation, and Reception in Western Scholasticism

David Bloch  / Brill, 2007

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BMCR 2008.08.20

Achaemenid Culture and Local Traditions in Anatolia, Southern Caucasus and Iran: New Discoveries

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Reviewed by Margaret C. Miller