BMCR 2008.10.01

BMCR Books Received (September, 2008)

BMCR 2008.10.02

Ovids Metamorphosen. C.H. Beck Wissen

Niklas Holzberg  / Beck, 2007

Reviewed by John Jacobs

BMCR 2008.10.03

Timée le Sophiste: Lexique platonicien. Avec une introduction de Jonathan Barnes. Philosophia Antiqua 108

the Sophist Timaeus, Maddalena Bonelli  / Brill, 2007

Reviewed by Joanna Komorowska

BMCR 2008.10.04

The Fall of the Roman Household

Kate Cooper  / Cambridge University Press, 2007

Reviewed by Matthew J. Perry

BMCR 2008.10.05

MEGALAI NESOI. Studi dedicati a Giovanni Rizza per il suo ottantesimo compleanno. 2 vols. Studi e Materiali di Archeologia Mediterranea, 2 and 3

Giovanni Rizza, Rossella Gigli  / Consiglio nazionale delle ricerche IBAM, 2005

Reviewed by Paolo Daniele Scirpo

BMCR 2008.10.06

“… et recouvre d’une montagne leur cité!” La fin du monde des héros dans les épopées homériques. Hypomnemata, 169

Claire-Françoise de Roguin  / Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht, 2007

Reviewed by C. Michael Sampson

BMCR 2008.10.07

Sophocles: Electra and Other Plays. Penguin Classics

Sophocles., D. A. Raeburn, P. E. Easterling  / Penguin Books, 2008

Reviewed by P. J. Finglass

BMCR 2008.10.08

The Mirror of Antiquity: 20th Century British Travellers in Greece

David Wills  / Cambridge Scholars Pub, 2007

Reviewed by Peter Green

BMCR 2008.10.09

Aristotle on Homonymy: Dialectic and Science

Julie K. Ward  / Cambridge University Press, 2008

Reviewed by Octavian Gabor

BMCR 2008.10.10

Onomacriti testimonia et fragmenta. Quaderni, 10

Ettore D'Agostino  / Istituti editoriali e poligrafici internazionali, 2007

Reviewed by Federico Condello

BMCR 2008.10.11

The Theatricality of Greek Tragedy: Playing Space and Chorus

Graham Ley  / University Of Chicago Press, 2007

Reviewed by Mary-Kay Gamel

BMCR 2008.10.12

Euripides. Alcestis. Edited with Introduction and Commentary

Euripides., L. P. E. Parker  / Oxford University Press, 2007

Reviewed by Peter Riemer

BMCR 2008.10.13

The World of Ion of Chios. Mnemosyne Supplementa, 288. Monographs on Greek and Roman Language and Literature

Victoria Jennings, Andrea Katsaros  / Brill, 2007

Reviewed by Hakan Tell

BMCR 2008.10.14

La prova del sangue. Storie di identità e storie di legittimità nella cultura latina. Antropologia del mondo antico, 3

Mario Lentano  / Il mulino, 2007

Reviewed by Anastasios D. Nikolopoulos

BMCR 2008.10.15

Junge Hirten und alte Fischer. Die Gedichte 27, 20 und 21 des Corpus Theocriteum. Texte und Kommentare, 29

Robert Kirstein  / De Gruyter, 2007

Reviewed by Hans Bernsdorff

BMCR 2008.10.16

Instructions for the Netherworld: The Orphic Gold Tablets. Religions in the Graeco-Roman World, v. 162

Alberto Bernabé Pajares, Ana Isabel Jiménez San Cristóbal, Ricardo Olmos Romera, Sara Olmos, Michael Chase  / Brill, 2008

Reviewed by

BMCR 2008.10.17

The New Testament in its Ritual World

Richard E. DeMaris  / Routledge, 2008

Reviewed by V. Henry T. Nguyen

BMCR 2008.10.18

Plato’s Forms in Transition. A Reading of the Parmenides

Samuel Charles Rickless  / Cambridge University Press, 2007

Reviewed by Mauro Tulli

BMCR 2008.10.19

Schicksal, Götter und Handlungsfreiheit in den Epen Homers. Palingenesia, Bd. 92

Efstratios Sarischoulis  / Steiner, 2008

Reviewed by Reyes Bertolín Cebrián

BMCR 2008.10.20

Les relations entre États dans la Grèce antique. Du temps d’Homère à l’intervention romaine (ca. 700-200 av. J.-C.). Historia Einzelschriften, 193

Adalberto Giovannini  / Steiner, 2007

Reviewed by Sven Günther