BMCR 2006.09.01

BMCR Books Received (August)

BMCR 2006.09.02

Dictionary of Bibliographic Abbreviations Found in the Scholarship of Classical Studies and Related Disciplines. Revised and expanded edition

Jean Susorney Wellington  / Praeger, 2003

Reviewed by Eileen Markson

BMCR 2006.09.03

Making a New Man: Ciceronian Self-Fashioning in the Rhetorical Works

John (John Richard) Dugan  / Oxford University Press, 2005

Reviewed by Joy Connolly

BMCR 2006.09.04

Die frühlateinischen Inschriften und ihre Datierung. Eine linguistisch-archäologisch-paläographische Untersuchung. Münchener Forschungen zur historischen Sprachwissenschaft; Band 3

Markus Hartmann  / Hempen, 2005

Reviewed by Sven Günther

BMCR 2006.09.05

Une éducation grecque: rites de passage et construction des genres dans le roman grec ancien

Sophie Lalanne  / Découverte, 2006

Reviewed by David Konstan

BMCR 2006.09.06

Grillius: Überlieferung und Kommentar. Untersuchungen zur antiken Literatur und Geschichte, Band 77

Rainer Jakobi  / De Gruyter, 2005

Reviewed by Jan P. Stronk

BMCR 2006.09.07

Gregory of Nazianzus: Images and Reflections

Jostein Børtnes, Tomas Hägg  / Museum Tusculanum, 2006

Reviewed by Edward Moore

BMCR 2006.09.08

Greco-Roman Culture and the Galilee of Jesus. Society for New Testament Studies Monograph Series, 134

Mark A. Chancey  / Cambridge University Press, 2005

Reviewed by Thomas J. Kraus

BMCR 2006.09.09

A Collection of Classical and Eastern Intaglios, Rings and Cameos. Studies in Gems and Jewellery, I, and British Archaeological Reports, International Series, 1136

Claudia Wagner, John Boardman  / Archaeopress, 2003

Reviewed by Michel Cottier

BMCR 2006.09.10

Walls and Memory. The Abbey of San Sebastiano at Alatri (Lazio) from Late Roman Monastery to Renaissance Villa and Beyond. Disciplina Monastica 2

Elizabeth Fentress  / Brepols, 2005

Reviewed by Hendrik Dey

BMCR 2006.09.11

Agamemnon in Performance: 458 BC to AD 2004

Fiona Macintosh  / Oxford University Press, 2005

Reviewed by Hallie Rebecca Marshall

BMCR 2006.09.12

Personification in the Greek World: from Antiquity to Byzantium. Centre for Hellenic Studies, King’s College London, Publications no. 7

Emma Stafford, Judith Herrin  / Ashgate, 2005

Reviewed by Alan Shapiro

BMCR 2006.09.13

Beall on Mariaud on Carol Thomas, Finding People in Early Greece

Response by E. F. Beall | Original Review by Olivier Mariaud

BMCR 2006.09.14

Archaeological Field Survey in Cyprus. Past History, Future Potentials. Proceedings of a Conference held by the Archaeological Research Unit of the University of Cyprus, 1-2 December 2000. BSA Studies, 11

Maria Iakōvou  / The British School at Athens, 2004

Reviewed by J. D. Muhly

BMCR 2006.09.15

Thucydides and the Shaping of History

Emily Greenwood  / Duckworth, 2006

Reviewed by Carolyn Dewald

BMCR 2006.09.16

Vie d’Ésope. Livre du philosophe Xanthos et son esclave Ésope. Du mode de vie d’Ésope

Corinne Jouanno, Normandie roto impr.)  / Les Belles lettres, 2006

Reviewed by Victoria Jennings

BMCR 2006.09.17

Knossos: Palace, City, State

Gerald Cadogan, Eleni Hatzaki, Antōnēs Vasilakēs  / British School at Athens, 2004

Reviewed by J. D. Muhly

BMCR 2006.09.18

The Imperial Cult in the Latin West. Studies in the Ruler Cult of the Western Provinces of the Roman Empire. Volume III (Provincial Cult), Part 2: The Provincial Priesthood

Duncan Fishwick  / E.J. Brill, 1987-2005

Reviewed by Nayla Kabazi Muntasser

BMCR 2006.09.19

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Leipzig, Antikenmuseum der Universität, Band 3, Attisch-Rotfigurige Schalen, Deutschland, Band 80

Susanne Pfisterer-Haas, Universität Leipzig (1991- ). Antikenmuseum., Union académique internationale.  / C.H. Beck, 2006-

Reviewed by Jenifer Neils

BMCR 2006.09.20

Pirenne-Delforge on Delattre on V. Dasen, Jumeaux, Jumelles dans l’Antiquité grecque et romaine

Response by Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge | Original Review by Charles Delattre