BMCR 2000.08.01

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Reviewed by Richard Hamilton

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The Greek and Roman Stage

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BMCR 2000.08.03

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BMCR 2000.08.04

Books Received (July)

BMCR 2000.08.05

Military Religion in Roman Britain. Mnemosyne Supplementum 199

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Reviewed by Anthony Barrett

BMCR 2000.08.06

Exile and the poetics of loss in Greek tradition

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BMCR 2000.08.07

Contextualizing Classics: Ideology, Performance, Dialogue: Essays in Honor of John J. Peradotto

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Reviewed by Matthew Roller

BMCR 2000.08.08

Eusebius’ Life of Constantine. Introduction, translation and commentary

of Caesarea Eusebius, Averil Cameron, Stuart George Hall  / Clarendon Press, 1999

Reviewed by Michael DiMaio

BMCR 2000.08.09

Euripides, 4. Ion, Children of Heracles, The Madness of Heracles, Iphigenia in Tauris, Orestes

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Reviewed by Sarah Torrence

BMCR 2000.08.10

Initiating Dionysus: Ritual and Theatre in Aristophanes’ Frogs

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Reviewed by Mark Padilla

BMCR 2000.08.11

The Discovery of Things: Aristotle’s Categories and Their Context

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BMCR 2000.08.12

Socratic Perplexity and the Nature of Philosophy

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Reviewed by Iakovos Vasiliou

BMCR 2000.08.13

Hekate in Ancient Greek Religion

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BMCR 2000.08.14

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BMCR 2000.08.15

Irony and Misreading in the “Annals” of Tacitus

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BMCR 2000.08.16

Ancient Greek Cult Practice from the Archaeological Evidence. Proceedings of the Fourth International Seminar on Ancient Greek Cult, organized by the Swedish Institute at Athens, 22-24 October 1993

Robin Hägg, Svenska institutet i Athen.  / Svenska Institutet i Athen, 1998

Reviewed by Sara Owen

BMCR 2000.08.17

The Treatment of War Wounds in Graeco-Roman Antiquity

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Who’s Who in Ancient Egypt

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BMCR 2000.08.20

Pliny the Elder on Science and Technology

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Reviewed by Sorcha Carey