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BMCR 2000.10.04

Books Received (September)

BMCR 2000.10.05

Tradita et Inventa. Beiträge zur Rezeption der Antike (Bibliothek der klassischen Altertumswissenschaft)

Manuel Baumbach  / C. Winter, 2000

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Plutarch’s Lives: Exploring Virtue and Vice

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Roman Housing

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Constantine and the Bishops. The Politics of Intolerance

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Reviewed by H.A. Drake Raymond Van Dam

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Subterranean Rome: In Search of the Roots of Christianity in the Catacombs of the Eternal City

Leonard Victor Rutgers  / Peeters, 2000

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The School of History. Athens in the Age of Socrates

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BMCR 2000.10.19

Van Sickle on Meban on Thomas and Kuipers on Hubbard

Response by John Van Sickle | Original Review by David Meban

BMCR 2000.10.20

Thomas on Van Sickle on Meban on Thomas and Kuipers on Hubbard

Response by Richard Thomas | Original Response by John Van Sickle