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The Cambridge Ritualists Reconsidered

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BMCR 1992.01.06

1992.01.06, Poetarum Melicorum Graecorum Fragmenta, vol. I. Alcman

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Reviewed by Michael Haslam

BMCR 1992.01.07

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3.1.9, D.A. Russell. An Anthology of Greek Prose

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1992.01.10, Michelle Renee Salzman. On Roman Time: The Codex-Calendar of 354 and the Rhythms of Urban Life in Late Antiquity

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BMCR 1992.01.11

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Stylometric Method and the Chronology of Plato’s Works

Leonard Brandwood  / Cambridge University Press, 1990

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Goldhill on Olson on Goldhill, The Poet’s Voice

Response by Simon Goldhill | Original Review by S. Douglas Olson

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1992.01.15, ALSO SEEN

Mirko D. (Mirko DrazŐĆen) Grmek  / Princeton University Press, 1990

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Bachelors of Art: Edward Perry Warren & the Lewes House Brotherhood

David Sox  / Fourth Estate, 1991

Reviewed by William Calder

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1992.01.17, Fowler, LETTER

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1992.01.18, Ed.’s Disk

BMCR 1992.01.19

1992.01.19, Ed.’s Disk

BMCR 1992.01.20

1992.01.20, the Wheelock crisis

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