BMCR 2022.12.01

Books received November 2022

BMCR 2022.12.02

Velathri Volaterrae: la città etrusca e il municipio romano

Marisa Bonamici, Elena Sorge  / Giorgio Bretschneider, 2021

Reviewed by Bouke van der Meer

BMCR 2022.12.03

Le philosophe dans la cité: Sénèque et l’otium philosophique

Juliette Dross  / Brepols, 2022

Reviewed by Domitilla Campanile

BMCR 2022.12.04

Filosofia, filologia e scienza in età ellenistica

Max Bergamo, Raffaele Tondini  / Ledizioni, 2022

Reviewed by Barbara Castellani

BMCR 2022.12.05

The Pylos tablets transcribed, second edition

Jean-Pierre Olivier, Maurizio Del Freo  /, 2020

Reviewed by Eleanor Dickey

BMCR 2022.12.06

Claiming the mantle of Cyril: Cyril of Alexandria and the road to Chalcedon

Patrick T.R. Gray  / Peeters, 2021

Reviewed by Julia Schwarzer

BMCR 2022.12.07

Saffo, testimonianze e frammenti

Camillo Neri  / De Gruyter, 2021

Reviewed by Giambattista D'Alessio

BMCR 2022.12.08

Pliny and the eruption of Vesuvius

Pedar W. Foss  / Routledge, 2022

Reviewed by Margot Neger

BMCR 2022.12.09

Images at the crossroads: media and meaning in Greek art

Judith M. Barringer, François Lissarrague  / Edinburgh University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Anne Mackay

BMCR 2022.12.10

Simplicius the Neoplatonist in light of contemporary research: a critical review

Ilsetraut Hadot  / Academia Verlag, 2020

Reviewed by Christoph Helmig

BMCR 2022.12.11

Roman animals in ritual and funerary contexts

Sabine Deschler-Erb, Umberto Albarella, Silvia Valenzuela Lamas, Gabriele Rasbach  / Harrassowitz Verlag, 2021

Reviewed by Evrydiki Tasopoulou

BMCR 2022.12.12

Art, science, and the natural world in the ancient Mediterranean, 300 BC to AD 100

Joshua J. Thomas  / Oxford University Press, 2022

Reviewed by Roberto Bondí

BMCR 2022.12.13

Ermocrate: siceliota, stratego, esule

Maria Intrieri  / Edizioni ETS, 2021

Reviewed by Mark Thatcher

BMCR 2022.12.14

Command and persuade: crime, law, and the state across history

Peter Baldwin  / The MIT Press, 2021

Reviewed by Andreas Avgousti

BMCR 2022.12.15

The stylus and the scalpel: theory and practice of metaphors in Seneca’s prose

Tommaso Gazzarri  / De Gruyter, 2020

Reviewed by Giovanni Zago

BMCR 2022.12.16

La poesía popular griega: estudio y texto

Francisca Pordomingo  / Fabrizio Serra, 2022

Reviewed by Tommaso Braccini

BMCR 2022.12.17

The origin of sin: Greece and Rome, early Judaism and Christianity

David Konstan  / Bloomsbury Academic, 2022

Reviewed by Kevin Uhalde

BMCR 2022.12.18

The marriage of philology and scepticism: uncertainty and conjecture in early modern scholarship and thought

Gian Mario Cao, Anthony Grafton, Jill Kraye  / The Warburg Institute, 2019

Reviewed by Thomas Wallnig

BMCR 2022.12.19

Fifty years at the Sibyl’s heels: selected papers on Virgil and Rome

Nicholas Horsfall  / Oxford University Press, 2020

Reviewed by Fiachra Mac Góráin

BMCR 2022.12.20

La fin de la cité grecque: métamorphoses et disparition d’un modèle politique et institutionnel local en Asie Mineure

Anne-Valérie Pont  / Droz, 2020

Reviewed by Aitor Blanco Pérez