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Ludlam on Sider on Ludlam, Hippias Major

Response by Ivor Ludlam | Original Review by David Sider

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Books received September 2022

BMCR 2022.10.03

Cave and worship in ancient Greece: new approaches to landscape and ritual

Stella Katsarou, Alexander Nagel  / Routledge, 2021

Reviewed by Carolyn Laferrière

BMCR 2022.10.04

Historicising ancient slavery

Kostas Vlassopoulos  / Edinburgh University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Nino Luraghi

BMCR 2022.10.05

Plotin. Traité 30, III, 8: sur la nature, la contemplation et l’Un

Bertrand Ham, Pierre Hadot  / Vrin, 2021

Reviewed by Camille Mouflier

BMCR 2022.10.06

The pocket Epicurean and The pocket Stoic

John Sellars  / The University of Chicago Press, 2021 John Sellars, John Sellars  / The University of Chicago Press, 2019

Reviewed by Christopher Trinacty

BMCR 2022.10.07

Law and philosophy in the late Roman Republic

René Brouwer  / Cambridge University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Matthijs Wibier

BMCR 2022.10.08

Megasthenes’ Indica: a new translation of the fragments with commentary

Richard Stoneman  / Routledge, 2021

Reviewed by Graeme Miles

BMCR 2022.10.09

One man show: poetics and presence in the Iliad and Odyssey

Katherine Kretler  / Center for Hellenic Studies, 2020

Reviewed by Stephen Sansom

BMCR 2022.10.10

Brill’s companion to the reception of Homer from the Hellenistic age to Late Antiquity

Christina-Panagiota Manolea  / Brill, 2022

Reviewed by Ronald Blankenborg

BMCR 2022.10.11

Les aventures d’un pamphlet antidémocratique

Dominique Lenfant  / Éditions de Boccard, 2020

Reviewed by Michel Narcy

BMCR 2022.10.12

The Oxford handbook of Heracles

Daniel Ogden  / Oxford University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Ariadna Arriaza

BMCR 2022.10.13

Choreonarratives: dancing stories in Greek and Roman antiquity and beyond

Laura Gianvittorio-Ungar, Karin Schlapbach  / Brill, 2021

Reviewed by Marcus Bell

BMCR 2022.10.14

The province of Achaea in the 2nd century CE: the past present

Anna Kouremenos  / Routledge, 2022

Reviewed by Wolfgang Havener

BMCR 2022.10.15

Tragic rhetoric: the rhetorical dimensions of Greek tragedy

María del Carmen Encinas Reguero, Milagros Quijada Sagredo  / Aracne, 2021

Reviewed by Alexandra Hardwick

BMCR 2022.10.16

Une histoire universelle des ruines: des origines aux Lumières

Alain Schnapp  / Editions du Seuil, 2020

Reviewed by William Stenhouse

BMCR 2022.10.17

Self-cultivation philosophies in ancient India, Greece, and China

Christopher W. Gowans  / Oxford University Press, 2021

Reviewed by Brian Black Nathan Gilbert

BMCR 2022.10.18

La favola antica. Esopo e la sapienza degli schiavi

Antonio La Penna, Giovanni Niccoli, Stefano Grazzini  / Della Porta Editori, 2021

Reviewed by William M. Owens

BMCR 2022.10.19


Yves Roman  / Fayard, 2020

Reviewed by Ermanno Malaspina

BMCR 2022.10.20

The Hera of Zeus: intimate enemy, ultimate spouse

Vinciane Pirenne-Delforge, Gabriella Pironti, Raymond Geuss  / Cambridge University Press, 2022

Reviewed by Patricia Johnston