BMCR 2019.02.01

Books Received January 2019

BMCR 2019.02.02

Ideas on Language in Early Latin Christianity: From Tertullian to Isidore of Seville. Supplements to Vigiliae Christianae, 142

Tim Denecker  / Brill, 2017

Reviewed by Dorothea Weber

BMCR 2019.02.03

Byzantine Perspectives on Neoplatonism. Byzantinisches Archiv – Series Philosophica, 1

Sergei Mariev  / De Gruyter, 2017

Reviewed by Ken Parry

BMCR 2019.02.04

Solo tombe di “musicisti” a Metaponto?: studio dei resti ossei e degli strumenti musicali contenuti nei corredi funerari. Telestes, 3

Angela Bellia, Antonio De Siena, Giorgio Gruppioni  / Istituti Editoriali e Poligrafici Internazionali, 2017

Reviewed by Veronica Ikeshoji-Orlati

BMCR 2019.02.05

Pythagorean Knowledge from the Ancient to the Modern World: Askesis, Religion, Science. Episteme in Bewegung: Beiträge zu einer transdisziplinären Wissensgeschichte, 4

Almut-Barbara Renger, Alessandro Stavru  / Harrasowitz Verlag, 2016

Reviewed by Y. Tzvi Langermann

BMCR 2019.02.06

Mental Illness in Ancient Medicine: from Celsus to Paul of Aegina. Studies in Ancient Medicine, 50

Chiara Thumiger, P. N. Singer  / Brill, 2018

Reviewed by Michaela Senkova

BMCR 2019.02.07

Brill’s Companion to Military Defeat in Ancient Mediterranean Society. Brill’s companions in classical studies, 2

Jessica Homan Clark, Brian Turner  / Brill, 2017

Reviewed by Mark Woolmer

BMCR 2019.02.08

The Production of Space in Latin Literature

William Fitzgerald, Efrossini Spentzou  / Oxford University Press, 2018

Reviewed by Carolyn MacDonald

BMCR 2019.02.09

Plutarch’s ‘Parallel Lives’: Narrative Technique and Moral Judgement. Trends in classics. Supplementary volumes, 57

Chrysanthos S. Chrysanthou  / De Gruyter, 2018

Reviewed by Lucy Fletcher

BMCR 2019.02.10

Animali parlanti: letteratura, teatro, canzoni. Micrologus library, 82

Caterina Mordeglia  / Edizioni del Galluzzo, 2017

Reviewed by Sara Tosetti

BMCR 2019.02.11

Prosopographie des Römischen Kaiserreichs. Ertrag und Perspektiven. Kolloquium aus Anlass der Vollendung der ‘Prosopographia Imperii Romani’​

Werner Eck, Matthäus​ Heil  / De Gruyter, 2017

Reviewed by Florian Matei-Popescu

BMCR 2019.02.12

Studies in Ancient Greek Dialects: From Central Greece to the Black Sea. Trends in classics — Supplementary volumes, 49

Georgios K. Giannakis, Emilio Crespo, Panagiotis Filos  / De Gruyter, 2018

Reviewed by Marina Veksina

BMCR 2019.02.13

A Perfect Medium? Oracular Divination in the Thought of Plutarch. Plutarchea Hypomnemata

Elsa Giovanna Simonetti  / Leuven University Press, 2017

Reviewed by Crystal Addey

BMCR 2019.02.14

Carmina Burana. (2 vols.) Dumbarton Oaks Medieval Library, 48-49

David A. Traill  / Harvard University Press, 2018

Reviewed by Michael Fontaine

BMCR 2019.02.16

Authorship and Greek Song. Authority, Authenticity, and Performance. Studies in Archaic and Classical Greek Song, Vol. 3. Mnemosyne Supplements, Vol. 402

Egbert J. Bakker  / Brill, 2017

Reviewed by Thomas R.P. Coward

BMCR 2019.02.17

Persian Religion in the Achaemenid Period. Classica et orientalia, 16

Wouter Henkelman, Celine Redard  / Harrassowitz Verlag, 2017

Reviewed by Zachary W. Silvia

BMCR 2019.02.18

Homer, Troy and the Turks. Heritage and Identity in the Late Ottoman Empire, 1870-1915. Heritage and Memory Studies

Günay Uslu  / Amsterdam University Press, 2017

Reviewed by Stefanie A. H. Kennell

BMCR 2019.02.19

Bolton, Edmund: Averrunci or the Skowrers

Patricia J. Osmond, Robert W. Ulery  / Arizona Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies, 2017

Reviewed by S. J. V. Malloch

BMCR 2019.02.20

Winckelmann and Curiosity in the 18th-Century Gentleman’s Library: Christ Church Upper Library, 29 June – 26 October 2018

Cristina Neagu, Katherine Harloe, Amy Claire Smith  / Christ Church Library, 2018

Reviewed by Eric M. Moormann

BMCR 2019.02.21

The Russian Revival of the Dithyramb. A Modernist Use of Antiquity

Katherine Lahti  / Northwestern University Press, 2018

Reviewed by Jordi Redondo