BMCR 2017.02.01

Books Received January 2017

BMCR 2017.02.02

New Worlds from Old Texts: Revisiting Ancient Space and Place

Elton Barker, Stefan Bouzarovski, Christopher Pelling, Leif Isaksen  / Oxford University Press, 2016

Reviewed by Gabriela Cursaru

BMCR 2017.02.03

Tragic Failures: Alexandrian Responses to Tragedy and the Tragic. Trends in Classics. Supplementary volumes, 38

Evina Sistakou  / De Gruyter, 2016

Reviewed by James J. Clauss

BMCR 2017.02.04

The Archaeology of Nuragic Sardinia. Monographs in Mediterranean archaeology, 14

Gary S. Webster  / Equinox Publishing, 2015

Reviewed by Jeremy Hayne

BMCR 2017.02.05

Diodore de Sicile: Bibliothèque historique. Tome V, Livre V, Livre des Îles. Collection des universités de France. Série grecque, 516​

Michel Casevitz, Anne Jacquemin  / Les Belles Lettres, 2015

Reviewed by Minerva Alganza Roldán​

BMCR 2017.02.06

Inscriptions in the Private Sphere in the Greco-Roman World. Brill studies in Greek and Roman epigraphy, 7

Rebecca Benefiel, Peter Keegan  / Brill, 2016

Reviewed by Claire Holleran

BMCR 2017.02.07

Beyond Boundaries: Connecting Visual Cultures in the Provinces of Ancient Rome

Susan E. Alcock, Mariana Egri, James F. D. Frakes  / Getty Publications, 2016

Reviewed by Stefanie Hoss

BMCR 2017.02.08

Greco-Egyptian Interactions: Literature, Translation, and Culture 500 BCE-300 CE

Ian Rutherford  / Oxford University Press, 2016

Reviewed by Felipe Rojas

BMCR 2017.02.09

Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum. Yale University Art Gallery, New Haven, Connecticut, Fasc. 2; United States of America, Fasc. 39

Susan B. Matheson  / Philipp von Zabern, 2016

Reviewed by Thomas Mannack

BMCR 2017.02.10

Töpfer Maler Werkstatt: Zuschreibungen in der griechischen Vasenmalerei und die Organisation antiker Keramikproduktion. Beihefte zum Corpus Vasorum Antiquorum, Bd VII

Norbert Eschbach, Stefan Schmidt  / Verlag C. H. Beck, 2016

Reviewed by Andras Marton

BMCR 2017.02.11

Pseudoantike Skulptur I: Fallstudien zu antiken Skulpturen und ihren Imitationen. Transformationen der Antike, 45

Sascha Kansteiner  / De Gruyter, 2016

Reviewed by Eric M. Moormann

BMCR 2017.02.12

Hidden Lives, Public Personae: Women and Civic Life in the Roman West

E. A. Hemelrijk  / Oxford University Press, 2015

Reviewed by Helen Ackers

BMCR 2017.02.13

Legible Religion. Books, Gods, and Rituals in Roman Culture

Duncan MacRae  / Harvard University Press, 2016

Reviewed by Lindsay G. Driediger-Murphy

BMCR 2017.02.14

Latin Inscriptions. Ancient scripts

Dirk Booms  / J. Paul Getty Museum, 2016

Reviewed by Marco Erpetti

BMCR 2017.02.15

Aristophanes and his Tragic Muse: Comedy, Tragedy and the Polis in 5th Century Athens. Mnemosyne Supplements. Monographs on Greek and Latin language and literature, 390

Stephanie Nelson  / Brill, 2016

Reviewed by Wilfred E. Major

BMCR 2017.02.16

Leisure and Luxury in the Age of Nero: The Villas of Oplontis near Pompeii. Kelsey Museum publication, 14

Elaine K. Gazda, John R. Clarke  / Kelsey Museum of Archaeology, 2016

Reviewed by Guy P.R. Métraux​

BMCR 2017.02.17

Hesiod’s Works and Days: How to Teach Self-Sufficiency

Lilah Grace Canevaro  / Oxford University Press, 2015

Reviewed by J.J. Mulhern

BMCR 2017.02.18

Iphicrates, Peltasts and Lechaeum. Monograph series ‘Akanthina’, 9

Nicholas Victor Sekunda, Bogdan Burliga  / Foundation for the Development of Gdańsk University, 2014

Reviewed by Jacek Rzepka

BMCR 2017.02.19

Oratory and Political Career in the Late Roman Republic

Henriette van der Blom  / Cambridge University Press, 2016

Reviewed by Joanna Kenty

BMCR 2017.02.20

Ione di Chio: Testimonianze e frammenti (testo critico di Francesco Valerio). I Frammenti degli storici greci, 8

Eduardo Federico  / Edizioni Tored, 2015

Reviewed by Gianfranco Mosconi