BMCR 2014.09.01

Books Received August 2014

BMCR 2014.09.02

Sfingi e Sirene. La presenza egizia nella Sicilia greca del V sec. a.C.: testimonianze nella commedia dorica e nel mimo. Sacra publica et privata, 4

Anna Sofia  / Scienze e lettere, 2013

Reviewed by Angela Bellia

BMCR 2014.09.03

Polybios und seine Historien. Alte Geschichte

Volker Grieb, Clemens Koehn  / Franz Steiner Verlag, 2013

Reviewed by Jeremy LaBuff

BMCR 2014.09.04

War-Peace and Panhellenic Games

Nikos Birgalias, Kostas Buraselis, Paul Cartledge, Ariadni Gartziou-Tatti, Maria Dimopoulou  / Institut du Livre; A. Kardamitsa, 2013

Reviewed by Christian Mann

BMCR 2014.09.05

Die Finanzierung öffentlicher Bauten in der hellenistischen Polis. Die hellenistische Polis als Lebensform, 3

Ludwig Meier  / Verlag Antike, 2011

Reviewed by Michael Kleu

BMCR 2014.09.06

A Companion to Greek and Roman Sexualities. Blackwell companions to the ancient world. Literature and culture

Thomas K. Hubbard  / Wiley-Blackwell, 2014

Reviewed by Alexandra Eppinger

BMCR 2014.09.07

The Social World of Intellectuals in the Roman Empire: Sophists, Philosophers, and Christians. Greek culture in the Roman world

Kendra Eshleman  / Cambridge University Press, 2012

Reviewed by Dimitris Karambelas

BMCR 2014.09.08

Culture, Identity and Politics in the Ancient Mediterranean World. Papers from a Conference in Honour of Erich Gruen. Antichthon, 47 (thematic issue)

Paul J. Burton  / The Australasian Society for Classical Studies, 2013

Reviewed by C. L. H. Barnes

BMCR 2014.09.09

Concordia: Un idéal de la classe dirigeante romaine à la fin de la République. Histoire ancienne et médiévale, 122

Philippe Akar  / Publications de la Sorbonne, 2013

Reviewed by Hannah Cornwell

BMCR 2014.09.10

Public Space in the Post-Classical City: Proceedings of a One Day Colloquium held at Fransum, 23rd July 2007. Caeculus, 7

Christopher P. Dickenson, Onno M. van Nijf  / Peeters, 2013

Reviewed by Janet Downie

BMCR 2014.09.11

A History of Greece: 1300 to 30 BC. Blackwell history of the ancient world

Victor Parker  / Wiley Blackwell, 2014

Reviewed by Robin Osborne

BMCR 2014.09.12

Antiche stelle a Bisanzio: il codice Vaticano greco 1087. Seminari e convegni, 32

Fabio Guidetti, Anna Santoni  / Edizioni della Normale, 2013

Reviewed by Renate Burri

BMCR 2014.09.13

The Struggle for Roman Citizenship: Romans, Allies, and the Wars of 91-77 BCE. Gorgias Studies in Classical and Late Antiquity 2

Seth Kendall  / Gorgias Press, 2013

Reviewed by Andrea Raggi

BMCR 2014.09.14

The Parthenon Enigma: A New Understanding of the World’s Most Iconic Building and the People Who Made It

Joan Breton Connelly  / Alfred A. Knopf, 2014

Reviewed by François​ Queyrel

BMCR 2014.09.15

The One-Sex Body on Trial: The Classical and Early Modern Evidence. The History of Medicine in Context

Helen King  / Ashgate, 2013

Reviewed by Lydia Matthews

BMCR 2014.09.16

Blood of the Provinces: The Roman Auxilia and the Making of Provincial Society from Augustus to the Severans

Ian Haynes  / Oxford University Press, 2013

Reviewed by Tyler Franconi

BMCR 2014.09.17

Sievers’ Law and the History of Semivowel Syllabicity in Indo-European and Ancient Greek. Oxford classical monographs

P. J. Barber  / Oxford University Press, 2013

Reviewed by Götz Keydana

BMCR 2014.09.18

Res Caesaris: ricerche sulla proprietà imperiale nel Principato. Pragmateiai, 23

Marco Maiuro  / Edipuglia, 2012

Reviewed by Myles McCallum

BMCR 2014.09.19

The Handbook of Religions in Ancient Europe. European history of religions

Lisbeth Bredholt Christensen, Olav Hammer, David A. Warburton  / Acumen, 2013

Reviewed by Christoph Auffarth

BMCR 2014.09.20

Brill’s Companion to Seneca: Philosopher and Dramatist. Brill’s companions in classical studies

Gregor Damschen, Andreas Heil  / Brill, 2014

Reviewed by Gregory A. Staley