BMCR 2014.05.01

Books Received April 2014

BMCR 2014.05.02

Qasr Ibrim, Between Egypt and Africa: Studies in Cultural Exchange. (NINO symposium, Leiden, 11-12 December 2009). Egyptologische uitgaven, 26

J. van der Vliet, J. L. Hagen  / Nederlands Instituut voor het Nabije Oosten; Peeters, 2013

Reviewed by Stanley M. Burstein

BMCR 2014.05.03

Studies in Latin Literature and Roman History, XVI. Collection Latomus, 338

Carl Deroux  / Éditions Latomus​, 2012

Reviewed by Andreas Gavrielatos

BMCR 2014.05.04

The Petra Papyri II. American Center of Oriental Research Publications, 7

Ludwig Koenen, Jorma Kaimio, Maarit Kaimio, Robert W. Daniel  / American Center of Oriental Research, 2013

Reviewed by Lajos Berkes

BMCR 2014.05.05

Doctrine and Power: Theological Controversy and Christian Leadership in the Later Roman Empire. Transformation of the classical heritage, 51

Carlos R. Galvão-Sobrinho  / University of California Press, 2013

Reviewed by Richard Flower

BMCR 2014.05.06

Ethnography after Antiquity: Foreign Lands and Peoples in Byzantine Literature. Empire and after

Anthony Kaldellis  / University of Pennsylvania Press, 2013

Reviewed by Francesco Borri

BMCR 2014.05.07

La religion grecque à l’époque archaïque et classique. Traduction et mise à jour bibliographique par Pierre Bonnechere. Antiquité/Synthèses 13

Walter Burkert  / Picard, 2011

Reviewed by Yulia Ustinova

BMCR 2014.05.08

Plato’s ‘Laws’: Force and Truth in Politics. Studies in continental thought

Gregory Recco, Eric Sanday  / Indiana University Press, 2013

Reviewed by Myrthe L. Bartels

BMCR 2014.05.09

Il Romanzo di Alessandro, Volume II. Scrittori greci e latini

Richard Stoneman, Tristano Gargiulo  / Fondazione Lorenzo Valla; Arnoldo Mondadori editore, 2012

Reviewed by Brad L. Cook

BMCR 2014.05.10

Rough Cilicia: New Historical and Archaeological Approaches. Proceedings of an international conference held at Lincoln, Nebraska, October 2007

Michael C. Hoff, Rhys F. Townsend  / Oxbow Books, 2013

Reviewed by Georgy Kantor

BMCR 2014.05.11

Commenter la Thébaïde (16e-19e s.): Caspar von Barth et la tradition exégétique de Stace. Mnemosyne supplements. Monographs on Greek and Latin language and literature, 354

Valéry Berlincourt  / Brill, 2013

Reviewed by Antony Augoustakis

BMCR 2014.05.12

Le tabellae defixionum osche. Ricerche sulle lingue di frammentaria attestazione, 8

Francesca Murano  / Fabrizio Serra editore, 2013

Reviewed by Katherine McDonald

BMCR 2014.05.13

Rome and the Mediterranean 290 to 146 BC: The Imperial Republic. The Edinburgh history of ancient Rome

Nathan Rosenstein  / Edinburgh University Press, 2012

Reviewed by Fred K. Drogula

BMCR 2014.05.14

Keramik aus klassischen Kontexten im Apollon-Heiligtum von Ägina-Kolonna. Denkschriften der Gesamtakademie, 70; Contributions to the chronology of the eastern Mediterranean, 30

Gudrun Klebinder-Gauß  / Verlag der Österreichischen Akademie der Wissenschaften, 2012

Reviewed by Thomas Mannack

BMCR 2014.05.15

Civic Patronage in the Roman Empire. Mnemosyne supplements. History and archaeology of classical antiquity, 365

John Nicols  / Brill, 2014

Reviewed by Hendrik Dey

BMCR 2014.05.16

Mythes sacrificiels et ragoûts d’enfants. Mythographies et sociétés

Sandrine Dubel, Alain Montandon  / Presses Universitaires Blaise Pascal, 2012

Reviewed by Froma Zeitlin

BMCR 2014.05.17

Mosaics of Time: The Latin Chronicle Traditions from the First Century BC to the Sixth Century AD

R. W. Burgess, Michael Kulikowski  / Brepols, 2013

Reviewed by Scott G. Bruce

BMCR 2014.05.18

Plato and Pythagoreanism

Phillip Sidney Horky  / Oxford University Press, 2013

Reviewed by Simon Trépanier

BMCR 2014.05.19

Madly After the Muses: Bengali Poet Michael Madhusudan Datta and his Reception of the Graeco-Roman Classics. Classical Presences

Alexander Riddiford  / Oxford University Press, 2013

Reviewed by Matylda Obryk

BMCR 2014.05.20

Gods, Heroes, and Monsters: A Sourcebook of Greek, Roman, and Near Eastern Myths in Translation

Carolina López-Ruiz  / Oxford University Press, 2014

Reviewed by Christian Zgoll