BMCR 2014.03.01

Books Received February 2014

BMCR 2014.03.02

The Passionate Statesman: Eros and Politics in Plutarch’s Lives

Jeffrey Beneker  / Oxford University Press, 2012

Reviewed by Georgia Tsouvala

BMCR 2014.03.03

The Ancient Sailing Season. Mnemosyne supplements. History and archaeology of classical antiquity, 351

James Beresford  / Brill, 2013

Reviewed by Emmanuel Nantet

BMCR 2014.03.04

Aristotle’s Modal Syllogistic

Marko Malink  / Harvard University Press, 2013

Reviewed by Michael Pakaluk

BMCR 2014.03.05

The Envy of Daedalus: Essay on the Artist as Murderer. Morphomata lectures Cologne, 4

Marcello Barbanera  / Wilhelm Fink Verlag, 2013

Reviewed by Christine Kossaifi

BMCR 2014.03.06

Hérodote: formes de pensée, figures du récit. Histoire. Série Histoire ancienne

Jean Alaux  / Presses Universitaires de Rennes, 2013

Reviewed by Emily Baragwanath

BMCR 2014.03.07

The Ancient Novel and Early Christian and Jewish Narrative: Fictional Intersections. Ancient narrative supplementum, 16

Marília P. Futre Pinheiro, Judith Perkins, Richard Pervo  / Barkhuis Publishing; Groningen University Library, 2012

Reviewed by Gary Gilbert

BMCR 2014.03.08

Agriculture and Taxation in Early Ptolemaic Egypt: Demotic Land Surveys and Accounts (P. Agri). Papyrologische Texte und Abhandlungen, 46

Andrew Monson  / Dr. Rudolf Habelt Verlag, 2012

Reviewed by Sally L.D. Katary

BMCR 2014.03.09

Maternal Megalomania: Julia Domna and the Imperial Politics of Motherhood

Julie Langford  / Johns Hopkins University Press, 2013

Reviewed by Adam Kemezis

BMCR 2014.03.10

A Companion to Ancient Greek Government. Blackwell Companions to the Ancient World

Hans Beck  / Wiley-Blackwell, 2013

Reviewed by Jan P. Stronk

BMCR 2014.03.11

Nîmes et ses Antiquités: un passé présent XVIe-XIXe siècle. Scripta antiqua, 53

Véronique Krings, François Pugnière  / Ausonius Éditions, 2013

Reviewed by Céline Chulsky

BMCR 2014.03.12

Berenice II and the Golden Age of Ptolemaic Egypt. Women in antiquity

Dee L. Clayman  / Oxford University Press, 2014

Reviewed by Elizabeth D. Carney

BMCR 2014.03.13

Philodemus, On Property Management. Writings from the Greco-Roman world, 33

Voula Tsouna  / Society of Biblical Literature, 2012

Reviewed by David Armstrong

BMCR 2014.03.14

Allegorische Mythenerklärung in der Spätantike: Wege zum Werk des Dracontius. Litora classica, Bd 2

Doreen Selent  / VML Verlag Marie Leidorf, 2011

Reviewed by Helen Kaufmann

BMCR 2014.03.15

Reflections on Aristotle’s ‘Politics’

Mogens Herman Hansen  / Museum Tusculanum Press, 2013

Reviewed by Lee Trepanier

BMCR 2014.03.16

Women and Weasels: Mythologies of Birth in Ancient Greece and Rome. Translated by Emlyn Eisenach; first published 1998

Maurizio Bettini  / University of Chicago Press, 2013

Reviewed by Nikoletta Manioti

BMCR 2014.03.17

The Oxford History of Classical Reception in English Literature. Volume 3: 1660-1790

David Hopkins, Charles Martindale  / Oxford University Press, 2012

Reviewed by Marguerite Johnson

BMCR 2014.03.18

The Role of the Bishop in Late Antiquity: Conflict and Compromise

Andrew Fear, José​ Fernández Urbiña​, Mar Marcos  / Bloomsbury, 2013

Reviewed by Eric Fournier

BMCR 2014.03.19

Slaves to Rome: Paradigms of Empire in Roman Culture. Cambridge classical studies

Myles Lavan  / Cambridge University Press, 2013

Reviewed by Jason Morris

BMCR 2014.03.20

Child Emperor Rule in the Late Roman West, AD 367-455. Oxford classical monographs

Meaghan A. McEvoy  / Oxford University Press, 2013

Reviewed by Jan Willem Drijvers