BMCR 2014.12.01

Books Received November 2014

BMCR 2014.12.02

A Commentary on Martial, Epigrams Book 9

Christer Henriksén​  / Oxford University Press, 2012

Reviewed by Bret Mulligan

BMCR 2014.12.03

Valerian, Kaisertum und Reformansätze in der Krisenphase des Römischen Reiches​

Toni Glas  / Ferdinand Schöningh​, 2014

Reviewed by Michael Sommer

BMCR 2014.12.04

Homeric Speech and the Origins of Rhetoric

Rachel Ahern Knudsen  / Johns Hopkins University Press, 2014

Reviewed by Laurent Pernot

BMCR 2014.12.05

L’aigle et le cep: les centurions légionnaires dans l’Empire des Sévères (2 vols.). Scripta antiqua, 54/1-2

Patrice Faure  / Ausonius Éditions, 2013

Reviewed by Mark Hebblewhite

BMCR 2014.12.06

Winckelmann and the Invention of Antiquity: History and Aesthetics in the Age of Altertumswissenschaft. Classical presences

Katherine Harloe  / Oxford University Press, 2013

Reviewed by Daniel Orrells

BMCR 2014.12.07

Life in the Limes: Studies of the People and Objects of the Roman Frontiers

Rob Collins, Frances McIntosh  / Oxbow Books, 2014

Reviewed by Duncan B. Campbell

BMCR 2014.12.08

Writing Science. Medical and Mathematical Authorship in Ancient Greece. Science, Technology, and Medicine in Ancient Cultures, 1

Markus Asper  / De Gruyter, 2013

Reviewed by Konstantinos Kapparis

BMCR 2014.12.09

Currency and Exchange in Ancient Pompeii: Coins from the AAPP Excavations at Regio VI, Insula 1. BICS supplement, 116

Richard Hobbs  / Institute of Classical Studies, School of Advanced Study, University of London, 2013

Reviewed by Alejandro G. Sinner

BMCR 2014.12.10

The Getty Hexameters: Poetry, Magic, and Mystery in Ancient Selinous

Christopher A. Faraone, Dirk Obbink  / Oxford University Press, 2013

Reviewed by Richard L. Gordon

BMCR 2014.12.11

‘The Sack of Troy’: A General Study and a Commentary. Texte und Kommentare, Bd 45

Laura Miguélez-Cavero​  / De Gruyter, 2013

Reviewed by Giampiero Scafoglio

BMCR 2014.12.12

Silence in Catullus. Wisconsin Studies in Classics

Benjamin Eldon Stevens  / University of Wisconsin Press, 2013

Reviewed by Bartolo A. Natoli

BMCR 2014.12.13

Calpurni Siculi, Eclogae. Biblioteca Nazionale. Serie dei classici greci e latini. Testi con commento filologico, 9

Maria Assunta Vinchesi  / Felice Le Monnier, 2014

Reviewed by Lee Fratantuono

BMCR 2014.12.14

Excavations at Zeugma, Conducted by Oxford Archaeology (3 vols.)

William Aylward  / Packard Humanities Institute, 2013

Reviewed by Andrea U. De Giorgi

BMCR 2014.12.15

Logos und Praxis: Sparta als politisches Exemplum in den Schriften des Isokrates. Klio. Beihefte, nF, Bd 23

Thomas Blank  / De Gruyter, 2014

Reviewed by Sandra Zajonz

BMCR 2014.12.16

Kinship in Thucydides: Intercommunal Ties and Historical Narrative

Maria Fragoulaki  / Oxford University Press, 2013

Reviewed by Carlo Scardino

BMCR 2014.12.17

Forbidden Oracles?: The Gospel of the Lots of Mary. Studien und Texte zu Antike und Christentum / Studies and texts in antiquity and Christianity, 89

AnneMarie Luijendijk  / Mohr Siebeck, 2014

Reviewed by Pieter W. van der Horst

BMCR 2014.12.18

Narrating Desire: Eros, Sex, and Gender in the Ancient Novel. Trends in classics – supplementary volumes, 14

Marília P.​ Futre Pinheiro, Marilyn B. Skinner, Froma I. Zeitlin  / De Gruyter, 2012

Reviewed by Anna Foka

BMCR 2014.12.19

Studien zur Verwendung der Lokalpartikeln im Mykenischen

Harald Bichlmeier  / Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag, 2014

Reviewed by José Miguel Jiménez Delgado

BMCR 2014.12.20

Το ιερό της Αρτέμιδος Ταυροπόλου στις Αλές Αραφηνίδες (Λούτσα)

Kοnstantinos Kalogerοpoulos  / Academy of Athens, 2013

Reviewed by Jacques des Courtils