BMCR 2003.01.01

Muse e modelli. La poesia ellenistica da Alessandro Magno ad Augusto

Marco Fantuzzi, R. L. (Richard L.) Hunter  / GLF editori Laterza, 2002

Reviewed by William Beck

BMCR 2003.01.02

December Books Received

BMCR 2003.01.03

Die stadtrömischen Sklavennamen. Ein Namenbuch I-III. Forschungen zur antiken Sklaverei, Beiheft 2

Heikki Solin  / Franz Steiner Verlag, 1996

Reviewed by John Bodel

BMCR 2003.01.04

Les personnages du roman grec. In collaboration with Christine Hunzinger and Dimitri Kasprzyk. Collection de la Maison de l’Orient 29, Litt. 7

Bernard Pouderon, Impr. Lienhart)  / Maison de l'Orient méditerranéen-Jean Pouillon, 2001

Reviewed by Tim Whitmarsh

BMCR 2003.01.05

Teaching the English Wissenschaft. The Letters of Sir George Cornewall Lewis to Karl Otfried Müller (1828-1839). Spudasmata, 85

William M. (William Musgrave) Calder, R. Scott Smith, John Vaio  / Olms, 2002

Reviewed by Wilfried Nippel

BMCR 2003.01.06

I santuari rurali nella Calabria greca. Studia archaeologica 102

Guglielmo Genovese  / L'Erma di Bretschneider, 1999

Reviewed by Ingrid Edlund-Berry

BMCR 2003.01.07

Greed and Injustice in Classical Athens

Ryan K. (Ryan Krieger) Balot  / Princeton University Press, 2001

Reviewed by Barry Strauss

BMCR 2003.01.08

Magic and Ritual in the Ancient World

Paul Allan Mirecki, Marvin W. Meyer  / Brill, 2002

Reviewed by Gary Beckman

BMCR 2003.01.09

Les hautes terres de Carie. Mémoires 4

Pierre Debord, Ender Varınlıoğlu  / Ausonius, 2001

Reviewed by Andreas Walser

BMCR 2003.01.10

The Ritual Lament in Greek Tradition. Second edition. Revised by Dimitrios Yatromanolakis and Panagiotis Roilos

Margaret Alexiou, Dimitrios Yatromanolakis, Panagiotis Roilos  / Rowman & Littlefield, 2002

Reviewed by Diana Wright

BMCR 2003.01.11

After Antiquity: Greek Language, Myth, and Metaphor. With a foreword by Gregory Nagy

Margaret Alexiou  / Cornell University Press, 2001

Reviewed by William Wyatt

BMCR 2003.01.12

Culpa Silenda: Le Elegie dell’Error Ovidiano. Quaderni di “Invigilata Lucernis” 17

43 B.C.-17 A.D. or 18 A.D. Ovid, Aldo Luisi, Nicoletta F. Berrino  / Edipuglia, 2002

Reviewed by J. Richmond

BMCR 2003.01.13

Of Myth, Life, and War in Plato’s Republic

Claudia Baracchi  / Indiana University Press, 2002

Reviewed by Svetla Slaveva-Griffin

BMCR 2003.01.14

Il centone De alea. Introduzione, testo, traduzione, note critiche, commento e Appendice. Studi Latini 44

Gabriella Carbone  / Loffredo, 2002

Reviewed by Thomas Opsomer

BMCR 2003.01.15

Sexual Ambivalence: Androgyny and Hermaphroditism in Graeco-Roman Antiquity, translated from the French by Janet Lloyd

Luc Brisson  / University of California Press, 2002

Reviewed by Aileen Ajootian

BMCR 2003.01.16

The Medieval Kingdoms of Nubia. Pagans, Christians and Muslims along the Middle Nile

Derek A. Welsby  / British Museum Press, 2002

Reviewed by Peter Nadig

BMCR 2003.01.17

Brill’s Companion to Cicero: Oratory and Rhetoric

James M. May  / Brill, 2002

Reviewed by Andrew Dyck

BMCR 2003.01.18

Bakhtin and the Classics

Robert Bracht Branham  / Northwestern University Press, 2002

Reviewed by Thomas Walsh

BMCR 2003.01.19

Amato on Carlini on Amato on Torraca

Response by Eugenio Amato | Original Response by Antonio Carlini

BMCR 2003.01.20

The Fragments of Timotheus of Miletus. Oxford Classical Monographs

of Miletus Timotheus, J. H. (James H.) Hordern  / Oxford University Press, 2002

Reviewed by S. Olson