BMCR 1998.07.01

Seaford on Segal on Seaford on Segal

Response by Richard Seaford | Original Response by

BMCR 1998.07.02

Claudian Policymaking and the Early Imperial Repression of Judaism at Rome. South Florida Studies in the History of Judaism, 160

H. Dixon Slingerland

Reviewed by Erich Gruen

BMCR 1998.07.05

The Victorious Youth

Carol C. Mattusch

Reviewed by Catherine Keesling

BMCR 1998.07.06

Theseus, Tragedy and the Athenian Empire

Sophie Mills

Reviewed by John Gibert

BMCR 1998.07.07

Books Received September 1996

BMCR 1998.07.08

Handbook of Literary Rhetoric: A Foundation for Literary Study

Heinrich Lausberg, David E. Orton, R. Dean Anderson

Reviewed by John Kirby

BMCR 1998.07.09

Handbook of Classical Rhetoric in the Hellenistic Period, 330 B.C.-A.D. 400

Stanley E. Porter

Reviewed by John Kirby

BMCR 1998.07.10

The Odes of Horace: A Bilingual Edition

David Ferry

Reviewed by David Ferry Mark Possanza

BMCR 1998.07.11

Neues Handbuch der Literaturwissenschaft. Bd. 4, Sp├Ątantike, mit einem Panorama der byzantinischen Literatur

Lodewijk J. Engels, Heinz Hofmann

Reviewed by James Halporn

BMCR 1998.07.12

Aglaia: The Poetry of Alcman, Sappho, Pindar, Bacchylides, and Corinna

Charles Segal

Reviewed by Nigel Nicholson

BMCR 1998.07.13

Das Recht im Denken der Sophistik

Klaus Friedrich Hoffmann

Reviewed by Fernando Oreja

BMCR 1998.07.14

Aristarchean Questions: Gregory Nagy on Richard Janko on Morris and Powell

Response by Gregory Nagy | Original Review by Richard Janko

BMCR 1998.07.15

Der Lauf des rollenden Jahres. Zeit und Kalender in Rom. Lectio Teubneriana VI

Fritz Graf

Reviewed by Michael Peachin

BMCR 1998.07.16

Commerce with the Classics

Anthony Grafton

Reviewed by N. Wilson

BMCR 1998.07.17

Method and Politics in Plato’s Statesman. Cambridge Classical Studies

M.S. Lane

Reviewed by Michael Kochin

BMCR 1998.07.18

Theocritus: Dioscuri (Idyll 22). Introduction, Text, and Commentary. Hypomnemata 114

Alexander Sens

Reviewed by Frederick Griffiths

BMCR 1998.07.19

Cicero. Pro Archia Poeta Oratio

Marcus Tullius Cicero, Steven M. Cerutti

Reviewed by C. Hoffman

BMCR 1998.07.20

Changing Bodies, Changing Meanings. Studies on the Human Body in Antiquity

Dominic Montserrat, Gillian Clark Angus Bowie

Reviewed by Sarah Stroup

BMCR 1998.07.21

The Epigrams of Philodemos: Introduction, Text, and Commentary

approximately 110 B.C.-approximately 40 B.C. Philodemus, David Sider

Reviewed by Kathryn Gutzwiller

BMCR 1998.07.22

Toward a New Interpretation of Plato. Translated from the tenth edition and edited by John R. Catan and Richard Davies

Giovanni Reale

Reviewed by Florian Finck