BMCR 1998.11.01

Warriors into Traders: The Power of the Market in Early Greece

David W. Tandy

Reviewed by David Schaps

BMCR 1998.11.02

The Bacchae of Euripides. Focus Classical Library

Euripides., Stephen Joseph Esposito

Reviewed by Jon Hague

BMCR 1998.11.03

Sixth Ezra: The Text and its Origin

Theodore A. Bergren

Reviewed by David Frankfurter

BMCR 1998.11.04

As the Romans Did: Sourcebook in Roman Social History. 2nd edition

Jo-Ann Shelton

Reviewed by Lisa Auanger

BMCR 1998.11.05

Books Received (October 1998)

BMCR 1998.11.06

Lucretius, De Rerum Natura III

Titus Lucretius Carus, P Michael Brown

Reviewed by Marcus Deufert

BMCR 1998.11.07

Cultural Identity in the Roman Empire

Ray Laurence, Joanne Berry

Reviewed by Tim Whitmarsh

BMCR 1998.11.08

Conservation of Archaeological Sites in the Mediterranean Region

Marta De la Torre  / Getty Conservation Institute, 1997

Reviewed by Mary Stieber

BMCR 1998.11.09

Homer: German Scholarship in Translation

G. M. Wright, P. V. (Peter V.) Jones

Reviewed by Andrew Becker

BMCR 1998.11.10

The City as Comedy. Society and Representation in Athenian Drama

Ronald Hoffman, Mechal Sobel, Fredrika J. Teute, Omohundro Institute of Early American History & Culture.

Reviewed by Paul Cartledge

BMCR 1998.11.11

Plato’s Sophist. Translated by Richard Rojcewicz and Andre Schuwer

Martin Heidegger

Reviewed by Clifford Angell Bates Jr.

BMCR 1998.11.12

A New Stoicism

Lawrence C. Becker

Reviewed by R.W. Sharples

BMCR 1998.11.13

Classical Archaeology of Greece: Experiences of the Discipline

Michael Shanks

Reviewed by Susan Rotroff

BMCR 1998.11.14

Hekatompedon. Studies in Greek Epigraphy. Debrecen: Hungarian Polis Studies vol. 1, 1997

György Németh

Reviewed by Angelos Chaniotis

BMCR 1998.11.15

Petronius the Poet: Verse and Literary Tradition in the Satyricon

Catherine (Catherine Marie) Connors

Reviewed by John McMahon

BMCR 1998.11.16

Broken Columns: Two Roman Epic Fragments

David R. Slavitt

Reviewed by P.J. Heslin

BMCR 1998.11.17

Differenz und Gleichheit: Das Geschlechterverhältnis in der Sicht griechischer Philosophen des 4. bis 1. Jahrhunderts v. Chr. Hermes Einzelschriften 74

Sabine Föllinger

Reviewed by Ann Hanson

BMCR 1998.11.18

J. Capart: Makita, sive De historica cuiusdam muris tempore pharaonum

Jean Capart, Francisca Deraedt

Reviewed by Eleanor Dickey

BMCR 1998.11.19

The Hellenistic Settlements in Europe, the Islands, and Asia Minor. Hellenistic Culture and Society, 17

Getzel M. Cohen

Reviewed by Gary Reger

BMCR 1998.11.20

Pomponius Mela’s Description of the World

F.E. Romer

Reviewed by James Romm