BMCR 1998.10.01

L’Amicitia nelle commedie di Plauto: Un’indagine antropologica

Renata Raccanelli

Reviewed by Laura Gibbs

BMCR 1998.10.02

New scholarly books in Greek from our Athenian correspondent

BMCR 1998.10.03

Grammar as Interpretation: Greek Literature in its Linguistic Contexts

Egbert J. Bakker

Reviewed by Stephen Colvin

BMCR 1998.10.04

Horace: A Life

Peter Levi

Reviewed by Lee Pearcy

BMCR 1998.10.05

Thera in the Bronze Age

Phyllis Young Forsyth

Reviewed by Andy Fear

BMCR 1998.10.06

Greek and Latin Inscriptions in the USA: A Checklist

John P. Bodel, Stephen V. Tracy, Italy) International Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy (11th : 1997 : Rome

Reviewed by Patricia Butz

BMCR 1998.10.07

Imports and Immigrants. Near Eastern Contacts with Iron Age Crete

Gail L. Hoffman

Reviewed by Tamar Hodos

BMCR 1998.10.08

The Romanization of Athens: Proceedings of an International Conference held at Lincoln, Nebraska (April 1996). Oxbow Monograph 94

Michael C. Hoff, Susan I. Rotroff, Christian Habicht Susan E. Alcock

Reviewed by Nigel Kennell

BMCR 1998.10.09

The Ancient Mesopotamian City

Marc Van de Mieroop

Reviewed by Gary Beckman

BMCR 1998.10.10

The Knotted Thong: Structures of Mimesis in Persius

Daniel M. Hooley

Reviewed by James Zetzel

BMCR 1998.10.11

Wisdom, Ignorance, and Virtue: New essays in Socratic Studies. Apeiron vol. XXX, no.4

Mark L. McPherran, Thomas C. Brickhouse and Nicholas D. Smith Hugh H. Benson

Reviewed by Jacques Bailly

BMCR 1998.10.12

Etruscan Italy. Etruscan Influences on the Civilizations of Italy from Antiquity to the Modern Era. Seth and Maurine D. Horne Center for the Study of Art, scholarly series.

John Franklin Hall

Reviewed by John Hall Jean Turfa

BMCR 1998.10.13

History, Tragedy, Theory: Dialogues on Athenian Drama

Barbara E. Goff

Reviewed by Kirk Ormand

BMCR 1998.10.14

Isthmia: Excavations by the University of Chicago under the Auspices of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens: Vol VII, The Metal Objects (1952-1989)

Oscar Broneer, Mary C. (Mary Carol) Sturgeon, Timothy E. Gregory, Steven Lattimore, Isabelle K. (Isabelle Kelly) Raubitschek, Catherine Morgan, Joseph L. Rife, Birgitta Wohl

Reviewed by Isabelle Raubitschek Carol Mattusch

BMCR 1998.10.15

The Brothers of Romulus: fraternal pietas in Roman law, literature, and society

Cynthia Jordan Bannon

Reviewed by Beryl Rawson

BMCR 1998.10.16

Roman Sexualities

Judith P. Hallett, Marilyn B. Skinner

Reviewed by Craig Williams

BMCR 1998.10.17

Antigonus II Gonatas. A Political Biography

Janice Gabbert  / Routledge, 1997

Reviewed by Gary Reger

BMCR 1998.10.18

A Bibliographical Guide to Classical Studies. Vol. 1: General, History of Literature, Literature: Accius-Aristophanes; Vol. 2: Literature: Aristotle-Fulgentius

Graham Whitaker

Reviewed by David Michale Cummings

BMCR 1998.10.19

Wax Tablets of the Mind: Cognitive Studies of Memory and Literacy in Classical Antiquity

Jocelyn Penny Small

Reviewed by James Halporn

BMCR 1998.10.20

The Building Program of Herod the Great

Duane W. Roller

Reviewed by D.J.I. Begg