BMCR 1994.06.01

1994.06.01, Books Received (May 1994)

BMCR 1994.06.02

1994.06.02, Salway, Oxf. Ill. Hist. Roman Britain

Peter Salway, Mazal Holocaust Collection.  / Oxford University Press, 1993

Reviewed by Anthony Barrett

BMCR 1994.06.03

Rudd on Edmunds on Rudd

Response by Niall Rudd | Original Review by Lowell Edmunds

BMCR 1994.06.04

1994.06.04, Sivan, Ausonius of Bordeaux

Hagith Sivan  / Routledge, 1993

Reviewed by Alan Booth

BMCR 1994.06.05

1994.06.05, Strauss, Fathers and Sons

Barry S. Strauss  / Princeton University Press, 1993

Reviewed by Thomas Falkner

BMCR 1994.06.06

1994.06.06, Todd, Shape of Athenian Law

S. C. (Stephen Charles) Todd  / Clarendon, 1993

Reviewed by Matthew Christ

BMCR 1994.06.07

1994.06.07, Keaney, Harpocration

Valerius Harpocration, John J. Keaney  / Adolf M. Hakkert, 1991

Reviewed by William Slater

BMCR 1994.06.08

Directory of Electronic Journals

 / Association of Research Libraries, 1994

Reviewed by James J. O'Donnell

BMCR 1994.06.09

1994.06.09, Annas, Morality of Happiness

Julia Annas  / Oxford University Press, 1993

Reviewed by Dirk Held

BMCR 1994.06.10

1994.06.10, Augustinos, French Odysseys

Olga Augustinos  / Johns Hopkins University Press, 1994

Reviewed by Michel Viegnes

BMCR 1994.06.11

1994.06.11, Crawford, Cicero: Fragmentary Speeches

Marcus Tullius Cicero, Jane W. Crawford  / Scholars Press, 1994

Reviewed by James Zetzel

BMCR 1994.06.12

Lucan, Pharsalia

Jane Wilson Joyce  / Cornell University Press, 1993

Reviewed by Elaine Fantham

BMCR 1994.06.13

1994.06.13, Lanham, The Electronic Word

Richard A. Lanham  / University of Chicago Press, 1993

Reviewed by James O'Donnell

BMCR 1994.06.14

1994.06.14, Lavelle, The Sorrow and the Pity

Brian M. Lavelle  / F. Steiner, 1993

Reviewed by William Loomis

BMCR 1994.06.15

1994.06.15, Waterfield (trans.), Plato: Symposium

Plato., Robin Waterfield  / Oxford University Press, 1994

Reviewed by John Kirby

BMCR 1994.06.16

1994.06.16, White, Promised Verse

Peter White  / Harvard University Press, 1993

Reviewed by Denis Feeney

BMCR 1994.06.17

1994.06.17, Woodford, Trojan War in Ancient Art

Susan Woodford  / Cornell University Press, 1993

Reviewed by Mary Hart

BMCR 1994.06.18

Sivan on Booth on Sivan

Response by Hagith Sivan | Original Review by Alan Booth

BMCR 1994.06.19

1994.06.19, AAU Task Forces Report

BMCR 1994.06.20

Sophocles, Antigone; Oedipus the King; Electra

H.D.F. Kitto, Edith Hall  / Oxford University Press, 1994

Reviewed by Tony Keen