BMCR 1993.03.01

From the Editor’s Disk: How Are We Doing?

BMCR 1993.03.02

Editor’s Disk: Response concerning NRC Report

BMCR 1993.03.03

Emperor, prefects & kings: the Roman West, 395-565

P. S. Barnwell  / University of North Carolina Press, 1992

Reviewed by R.W. Burgess

BMCR 1993.03.04

Lucan, De Bello Civili Book II

Elaine Fantham  / Cambridge University Press, 1992

Reviewed by Catherine Connors

BMCR 1993.03.05

1993.03.05, Freudenburg, The Walking Muse: Horace on the Theory of Satire

Kirk Freudenburg  / Princeton University Press, 1993

Reviewed by Michele Lowrie

BMCR 1993.03.06

1993.03.06, Goldhill, Aeschylus: The Oresteia

Simon Goldhill  / Cambridge University Press, 1992

Reviewed by Michael Halleran

BMCR 1993.03.07

1993.03.07, Gowing, Triumviral Narratives

Alain M. Gowing  / University of Michigan Press, 1992

Reviewed by John Hilton

BMCR 1993.03.08

1993.03.08, Moorhead, Theoderic in Italy

John Moorhead  / Clarendon Press, 1992

Reviewed by Patrick Amory

BMCR 1993.03.09

1993.03.09, Neils, ed., Goddess and Polis

Jenifer Neils, Hood Museum of Art.  / Hood Museum of Art, Dartmouth College, 1992

Reviewed by Michael Walbank

BMCR 1993.03.10

The Stranger’s Welcome

Steve Reece  / University of Michigan Press, 1993

Reviewed by S. Douglas Olson

BMCR 1993.03.11

1993.03.11, Robertson, Festivals and Legends

Noel Robertson  / University of Toronto Press, 1992

Reviewed by Bob Develin

BMCR 1993.03.12

1993.03.12, Roueche, Performers and Partisans at Aphrodisias

Charlotte Roueche  / Society for the promotion of Roman Studies, 1993

Reviewed by William Slater

BMCR 1993.03.13

Consoling Heliodorus

J. H. D. Scourfield  / Clarendon Press, 1993

Reviewed by James O'Donnell

BMCR 1993.03.14

1993.03.14, Stoneman, Palmyra and its Empire

Richard Stoneman  / University of Michigan Press, 1992

Reviewed by Kent Rigsby

BMCR 1993.03.15

1993.03.15, Tomlinson, From Mycenae to Constantinople

R. A. (Richard Allan) Tomlinson  / Routledge, 1993

Reviewed by Symphorien Van de Maele

BMCR 1993.03.16

1993.03.16, Books Received — BMCR (June 1993)

BMCR 1993.03.17

Books Received — July 1993

BMCR 1993.03.18

Cassiodorus: Variae

Senator Cassiodorus, King of the Ostrogoths Theodoric, S. J. B. Barnish  / Liverpool University Press, 1992

Reviewed by James O'Donnell

BMCR 1993.03.19

1993.03.19, Beagon, Roman Nature

Mary Beagon  / Clarendon Press, 1992

Reviewed by Sara Myers

BMCR 1993.03.20

Statius: Thebaid

A. D. Melville  / Clarendon Press, 1992

Reviewed by William J. Dominik