BMCR 2008.06.05

Response: Holford-Strevens on Fincham on R. F. Rhodes, The Acquisition and Exhibition of Classical Antiquities

Response to 2008.05.28

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Derek Fincham, in his review of R. F. Rhodes’s collection, BMCR 2008.05.28, writes:

Vassallo notes the change in mentality regarding the looting of antiquities but reminds us of the suspected links between the illegal antiquities trade and organized crime organizations such as the Mafia. Though he is right that there have been a number of claims about a possible nexus between organized crime and the antiquities trade, he offers no evidence or support for this proposition.

Writing from a law school, Derek Fincham can hardly be blamed for this objection; but it would carry far more real-world force if he had explained how the author might have collected such evidence and lived to tell the tale.