BMCR 2004.02.36

Response: Ma on Katz on Adams et al.

Response to 2004.02.19

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Prof. J. T. Katz, in his review of Adams et al, Bilingualism…, states that “there are to be no subtitles” in Mel Gibson’s forthcoming motion picture, “The Passion of the Christ”. I believe this to be an incorrect, if widely held, belief. The news item, whose references figure below, on the well-known “website”, states that Mel Gibson has decided, in a “spectacular U-turn”, to include subtitles. As the date of the item indicates, this news has been out for some time. I am not aware of any subsequent decision to reverse this “U-turn”. Of course, as Katz alludingly points out, it would have been far more satisfactory if there had also been koine Greek spoken in the dialogue; it would notably have been interesting to see, or indeed hear, the treatment of accent and iotacism.