BMCR 2004.03.41

Response: Long on Baltussen on Wehner

Response to 2004.03.33

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Han Baltussen has written a helpful review of Barbara Wehner’s monograph, Die Funktion der Dialogstruktur in Epiktets Dialogen (BMCR 2004.03.33). Referring in his footnotes to my book Epictetus. A Stoic and Socratic Guide to Life (BMCR 2002.11.03), Baltussen says that it was Tom Wolfe’s novel, A Man In Full, that got me back to reading Epictetus again. Not so. In my book’s preface I say that the idea of writing it was prompted by my teaching a graduate seminar on Epictetus at Berkeley; and I also make it clear that my interest in Epictetus has been strong and continuous throughout my later career. What Tom Wolfe’s brilliant novel contributed, “quite coincidentally” (as I say), was “all the more reason to write a book that would offer a sufficiently in-depth treatment in a manner that could attract new readers to [Epictetus] as well as those to whom he needs no introduction”.