BMCR 1998.05.14

Response: Hanson/Heath on Beye and Connolly on Hanson/Heath

Response to 1998.05.12

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Dear Editors,

We are pleased to see that Who Killed Homer ? warrants two lengthy hit pieces from the academic left. If Joy Connolly did not exist (?), someone would have to invent her. Essentialize? Valorization? Ideological grids? Rhetorical discourse? Inscribed complexities? What 1980s tar pit did this postmodern stegosaurus lumber out from?

Charles Rowan Beye’s machine gun spray left a fascinating pattern on the wall. But we’re still not sure what he was aiming at. Still, at least he is funny and can write, and his passive-aggressive drive-by proves—if anyone had any doubts—that he is by now well beyond good and evil.

Victor Davis Hanson
John Heath