BMCR 2018.02.56

A request to support BMCR

Dear readers, colleagues and friends,

Let us put this simply. BMCR needs your help. For 28 years, we have pursued a vision of open-access publication. We now face a once-in-a generation need to update our platform. If you use and value BMCR, please give what you can.

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This link will allow you to contribute by credit card or PayPal. BMCR is published by Bryn Mawr Commentaries, a registered non-profit 501(c)3, and donations are tax-deductible in the US. Donations from outside the US are also welcome, and every bit as useful!

The long version of our request for aid is as follows. Recently, we wrote a letter that explained some principles and practicalities of BMCR’s operation. We do what we do by virtue of generosity of multiple kinds: sale of Bryn Mawr Greek and Latin Commentaries; income on a small endowment created through the sale of Commentaries; infrastructural support from Bryn Mawr College; and the incredible goodwill of BMCR’s volunteer editors and its many reviewers. All this has sufficed to allow us to publish openly and freely for more than a quarter of a century.

However, BMCR also relies on a publishing platform that was designed and built in the 1990s. We now desperately need to update this platform, and we seek at the same time to modernize BMCR’s extraordinary archive of data on the history of classical scholarship. We have already contracted for proposals to do this work—which was itself an expensive process!—and would be happy to discuss our plans with any interested parties.

In short, to see this process through, we urgently need $80,000. The expense is beyond the scale of our very limited resources. We cannot continue to operate with our current platform, nor can we update it on the basis of our modest endowment.

We are doing all that we can to raise the money for this work. We now appeal to you, BMCR’s direct beneficiaries. We don’t ask lightly, and we need your help.

Thank you for your support, and happy reading.

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