BMCR 2007.04.14

Response: Addendum to Jacobs on J. C. Yardley (trans.), Livy: Hannibal’s war (books 21-30)

Response to 2007.03.36

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In response to my recent review of his translation of Livy books 21-30 ( BMCR 2007.03.36), Prof. John Yardley (via email) has kindly drawn my attention to two important sets of corrections. First, no emendation of the translation is necessary at either 29.23.4 (where the reference to marriageable age does appear) or 29.30.5 (where the reference to Lacumazes as prince does appear). Second, I inadvertently used Walsh’s 1982 Teubner edition for books 26-27, not the corrected reprint of 1989: consequently, my notes on 26.9.6, 26.13.15, and 26.41.18 are irrelevant, because the text in these passages is different in the later edition. I would also like to take this opportunity to emphasize the superior quality of the Index, prepared by Laura Gagné, especially in comparison to that in the earlier Penguin Classics translation by Aubrey de Sélincourt. Finally, Prof. Jonathan Prag has kindly informed me of a recent article of his on the issue of the correct translation of Poenus in PBSR 74 (2006).