BMCR 2006.10.13

Response: Montanari on Castelli on Aristarchus website

Response to 2006.08.12

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I greatly appreciated Castelli’s competent and in-depth review of the web site “Aristarchus” (BMCR 2006.08.12) and I would like just to add few words about some topics, including recent advancements of the project.

C. rightly notes that a specific principle of Aristarchus is to take full advantage of the web and information technology resources so that the results of our research are immediately available to the scientific community. Scholars can draw on material in progress (this is absolutely important!), without waiting (years maybe) for the work to be finished and published in the traditional sense (though we do not mean to rule out this possibility at the proper time). Thus updates and improvements occur continually and rapidly in each site of the portal.

Peer review policy. A peer review policy is planned, within the year as for the site LGGA — Lessico dei Grammatici Greci Antichi (it will be stated in the home page). During 2007 a periodic peer review is foreseen on the contents of the whole portal, in regard to its evolution and its developments.

CPhCl — Catalogus Philologorum Classicorum. The headings of not yet completed files (that are 4293) are now on-line, in addition to the 756 records already downloadable. It is in general provisional and rough material, but it allows one to check the whole census, and we believe it can incite scholars to send information and take part in the project.

CIAPh — Centro Italiano dell’Année Philologique. “To complement the APh” is absolutely the basic aim and the institutional goal of the CIAPh, as part of the international team of the Année Philologique. Moreover the site, born as the Italian Center’s organ, has started to provide new services of its own, which are now growing following an autonomous policy.

Scholia Minora in Homerum. This new site of “Aristarchus” is going to open next October, presenting a first group of texts, that will be progressively increased.