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Studies in Ancient Greek and Roman Society

, Studies in ancient Greek and Roman society. Past and present publications. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004. xii, 386 pages ; 24 cm.. ISBN 0521837693 $80.00.

This is a collection of essays on Greek and Roman social history by British or American authors (or authors employed by British or American institutions) which originally appeared in the journal Past and Present between 1982 and 2001. Some are lightly revised, others have postscripts added. R. Osborne adds a helpful introduction, summarising the papers and placing them in context.

1. W. R. Connor, Early Greek land warfare as symbolic expression (1988). Postscript added.

2. R. Osborne, Law, the democratic citizen and the representation of women in classical Athens (1997).

3. D. Cohen, Law, society and homosexuality in classical Athens (1987).

4. J. Davidson, Dover, Foucault and Greek homosexuality: penetration and the truth of sex (2001).

5. F. Millar, The mediterranean and the roman revolution: politics, war and the economy (1984).

6. J. North, Democratic politics in republican Rome (1990). Postscript added.

7. A. Wallace-Hadrill, The golden age and sin in Augustan ideology (1982).

8. N. Purcell, Literate games: Roman urban society and the game of alea (1995).

9. K. Hopkins, Novel evidence for Roman slavery (1993). Lightly Revised.

10. S. R. F. Price, The future of dreams: from Freud to Artemidorus (1986). Lightly revised.

11. J. Elsner, Pausanias: a Greek pilgrim in the Roman world (1992). Postscript added.

12. B. D. Shaw, The passion of Perpetua (1993). Lightly Revised. Postscript Added.

13. B. D. Shaw, Bandits in the Roman empire (1984). Lightly Revised. Postscript added.

There is a very useful index of subjects. The collection performs a valuable service in making available to a wider readership influential papers published in a journal to which not all classicists have regular access.