BMCR 1998.09.07

BMERR: An Invitation

Dear BMCR Subscribers,

Last year we conducted a survey about the desirability of starting a review series to deal with Web sites and CDs concerning antiquity. Work on such a series has gone forward. The new e-journal is now called Bryn Mawr Electronic Resources Review, and it is nearing a public announcement of its existence. The Editorial Board consists of Roger Bagnall, Richard Hamilton, John Oakley, Lee Pearcy, Linda Roccos, Penny Small, and myself.

We expect to establish two email lists — one to send out full reviews and another to announce reviews only and to include URLs to the web-posted versions. The Web site is already up, though we have tried to make it clear that people should not cite anything found there and the indices are not functioning. You may check it out at; that address will be simplified when we make a public announcement about the existence of the site.

I am writing now to ask for reviewers and for ideas about Web sites and CDs to be reviewed. We need good reviewers and hope some of you will be interested. Linked to the home page is a set of reviewers’ guidelines; so please check them out and let me know if you are interested in writing for us.

We also need your help in selecting sites/CDs of interest and importance. Please write to me with your suggestions.


Harrison (Nick) Eiteljorg, II