BMCR 1994.01.01

1994.01.01, Numbering Change

Since first publication in late fall 1990, e-BMCR has been numbered in a way that reflects the publication schedule of p-BMCR, by volume, issue, and serial number of item within each issue. Over the last year or so, the exact match between contents of “issues” of p-BMCR and e-BMCR has deteriorated (e.g., something that appears in BMCR 4.4 on paper might have a 4.3.x number in the e-version). Further, we have added to the family the sibling e-versions of Bryn Mawr Medieval Review (BMMR) and Bryn Mawr Reviews (to get all our material without duplication), and they have no paper version and a different numbering scheme.

Accordingly, from 1 January 1994, e-BMCR will be numbered in a way that matches the e-siblings. Each item shipped will have a three-part number specifying the year, the month, and the serial number of each item within each month. Thus BMCR 94.1.6 will be the sixth item shipped in January, and 94.6.12 will be the 12th item shipped in June. The contents of the electronic and paper version will in fact continue to resemble each other closely (though the e-version usually contains more material apart from book reviews), with no certain pattern whether given items appear first in paper or electronic form.

One other reminder: A plaintive request at the APA meetings from a friend was “What ever happened to BMCR?” She had stopped receiving it. You will want to remember that if this ever happens to you, it may be because the earth has stopped spinning on its axis (always wise to check), but is more likely because something has gone bad with your e-address—it has changed in some subtle way, and the issues sent to you have been “bouncing” to the e-editor, who (without any way of reaching you) has no choice but eventually to delete your address from the subscription list. If you discover silence on the line, send a note and we can check.

By the way, the 1500th subscriber to one or the other of our reviews will sign up in the next few days, marking well over 100% growth for 1993.