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Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2009.06.28

Angela Maria Andrisano (ed.), Biblioteche del mondo antico: Dalla tradizione orale alla cultura dell'Impero. Lingue e letterature Carocci, 75.   Rome:  Carocci editore, 2007.  Pp. 207.  ISBN 978-88-430-4236-4.  €19.30 (pb).  

Reviewed by James J. O'Donnell, Georgetown University (


This volume comprises eight studies of very diverse scope and content. Lorenzo Perilli's "Conservazione dei testi e circolazione della conoscenza in Grecia" (36-71) offers a series of sketches of books and their management (some documented with archaeological evidence) from classical Greek through Hellenistic times. Six other studies focus mainly on individual authors, Homer, Aristophanes, Plutarch (on Themistocles), Alcaeus as preserved in Gellius (by the editor, Andrisano), Sappho, Alcaeus, and Stesichoros in Vergil, and Gellius on law and lawyers. A final essay touches on Renaissance practices. The focus is consistently held on the interplay between the material culture of books and the literary practices embedded in them.

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