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Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2007.03.40

Benferhat on Harvey on François Hinard and Yasmina Benferhat, Cicéron. Discours (Tome 1.2): Pour Sextus Roscius.   Response to 2007.03.35

Response by Yasmina Benferhat (

In his review, Paul B. Harvey writes, "Hinard also treats of oratorical strategies and offers a straightforward, helpful outline analysis of the speech ..." No, I wrote it (as the first page of the edition mentioning my collaboration for literary questions indicates). I must here warmly thank Professor Ducos (University of Paris IV Sorbonne) who kindly helped me improve those pages by reading them.

Most of the ideas I have developed were already present in a conference in 2002: "Vita rustica, un idéal moral et politique? (Réflexions sur le Pro Sex. Roscio Amerino)," in R. Bedon and N. Dupre (edd.), Rus amoenum. Les agréments de la vie rurale en Gaule romaine et dans les régions voisines, Caesarodunum XXXVII-XXXVIII, Limoges, 2003-2004, pp. 259-287.

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