Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2005.08.03

Kochin on Kochin on Roochnik.   Response to 2005.07.44

Response by Michael S. Kochin, Department of Political Science, Tel Aviv University (

In footnote 4 to my review of David Roochnik's Retrieving the Ancients (BMCR 2005.07.44) I wrote that "Roochnik nowhere in Retrieving the Ancients explains who Diels is or the distinction between A and B fragments." As Michael Pakaluk pointed out (on Dissoi Blogoi), my claim is false: Roochnik explains both what Diels is and the distinction between A and B fragments on pp. 11-12, in the initial paragraphs of his chapter on the Presocratics. I should not have ventured such a comment relying only on memory and the absence of an entry for Diels in Roochnik's index.

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