Bryn Mawr Classical Review

Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2005.05.13

Producers of SNS-Greek & Latin on Gainsford on Afonasin.   Response to 2005.05.07

Response by Carmine Ampolo, Antonella Russo, Anna Santoni

Referring to the response by Peter Gainsford on Afonasin, as producers of the SNS-Greek & Latin, we'd just like to give more precise information. No font purchase is required since the software can use either the Athenian font, which is made available free of charge by the American Philological Association, or GraecaII by Linguist's Software (we purchased a number of royalties so we are entitled to distribute it at no extra cost for the user). Regarding the Unicode support, this feature will be included in the next update of SNS-Greek & Latin for Windows.

For those interested in a closer look at SNS-Greek & Latin software and its features, a downloadable version of the user's guide in chm format is available online. A free demo for the Windows version will also follow soon, as it is already available for the SNS-Greek & Latin 5.1 for Macintosh. Anyway we are wondering what kind of remarks can be made without direct knowledge of the program: it is like judging a book without having thoroughly read it but only knowing other works on the subject.

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