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Bryn Mawr Classical Review 2004.06.19

ALSO SEEN: Margherita Bergamini (ed.), La collezione numismatica di Emilio Bonci Casuccini. Archaeologia 132.   Rome:  Giorgio Bretschneider, 2001.  Pp. 217; pls. 27.  ISBN 88-7689-203-6.  €130.00.  

Reviewed by William E. Metcalf, Yale University (

The collection published here is neither large nor distinguished, and much of it was stolen from the Villa Casuccini in 1969. The whole affair is amply documented in an extended introduction, and each of the coins now in the Monte dei Paschi di Siena is amply described.

The principal interest of the collection lies in the Etruscan component, which consists largely of the 53 didrachms of the Montalcino (Val d'Orcia) hoard published already in 1932 by R. Bianchi-Bandinelli. Here the group is presented again, not once but twice (pp. 39-45, 59-76); the principal contribution here is the correction of the weights, but reference is made to the study of Tallercio. In addition there is a listing of a number of poorly-preserved ("conservazione pessima") republican and imperial coins, and a listing of "monete rubate," whose whereabouts cannot now be traced, that lacks descriptions and demands reference to one or another of the principal catalogues. The illustrations are highly uneven and mostly of poor quality, and the price of the book is exorbitant.

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